Understand why Kids throw Temper Tantrums in Public

Temper Tantrums in Public

Parents often find themselves embarrassed with their children throwing temper tantrums in public and showing a major attitude towards everyone. When you are with kids, public appearances are always challenging. 


Sometimes this embarrassment leads to anger towards preschool kids. But, this is not how one should react to little kids.

Let’s talk about what you can do to prevent temper tantrums in public. 


  • Carry Games or Books that will indulge them in their free timeCarry Games or Books
As kids are very hyperactive at a young age, they tend to easily get bored with their surroundings. So, if you are going somewhere to sit for a longer time, take your kid’s favourite time-pass activity with you. It could be games or books. Remember not to give them mobile phones at a tender age.



  • Saying “NO” might trigger themhandle kids in a public place

Saying No to things might trigger the children. Instead, say Yes and tell them that it’s not the right time. Manipulation is very necessary in order to handle kids in a public place. Use sentences like, “Yes we will do that but not right now.”, “Yes, you can have snacks in 5 Min but not right now.”, “Yes, you can play with the toy that someone else has after them.” 


  • Plan interactive outings Plan interactive outings

Planning interactive outings with your kids is the best method to minimize their temper tantrums in public. Enrolling them in activity classes like pottery, summer school, art & craft, dance, music, and theatre can be beneficial to their cognitive growth as well as patience level


  • Try to acknowledge the real reason

Children don’t randomly throw temper tantrums. There has to be a reason for their bad behaviour in public. Temper tantrums in public can happen because your child is triggered or upset about something. “Remember your child is having a hard time, and not giving you a hard time.”


  • Forget about the public embarrassment

In the end, what matters is your child. If you constantly worry about people and their judgments, you might end up not having a great bond with your child. Children are sensitive and need the utmost care and attention of their parents. People who are judging you will not come to take care of your child. 


  • How to stop the tantrums

When these incidences of temper tantrums happen to children, parents go straight into fixing/stopping them. If your child is emotional, then their brain is functioning in an emotional way. Here, if you put logic and reasoning first, they will get more triggered. Instead, say things like, “I know you are mad, tell me what’s bothering you.”, “You really wanted that and couldn’t have it. I know that is making you sad.” 



Parents must remember a few things before jumping to any judgment:  


  • Your child is having a hard time, not giving you a hard time. 
  • The calmer you are, you can handle your kids calmly. 
  • Handle emotions with emotion, not logic. 
  • Nobody is going to look after your kids who are judging you. 


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