Top 5 basic qualities that create a solid base for a kid’s life

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Preschools are the development platforms for children that not only develop their intelligence or academic skills but are responsible for building some core values and lessons that stay with them throughout their life. The life lessons children learn help in their character building and a strong base for their lives that lie ahead of them. Kids spend a major part of their learning phase at school. From early childhood to almost becoming an adult, that is the time when a person has the sharpest learning and grasping abilities. Children don’t realize the importance of it while living the time but the habits and values they learn and experience at a school reflect in their personality and lifestyle throughout life.

The following qualities become Life Lessons that children can learn early with the help and teachings from school.

Staying Honest

We regularly listen to quotes that tell us to be honest and advocate the importance of being honest in our lives but do the quotes affect our minds? The actions or an experience that your kids undergo during preschool time makes the habit of being honest. There are different angles to it, starting with staying honest with oneself and then towards their actions and then others like teachers, friends, etc. Once a child inherits the quality in him/her, it stays with them throughout life and eventually this is a virtue that helps them in leading a successful and quality life. Honesty is one of the first virtues that will be taught to students at a nursery school.

Generating New Ideas or Innovation

Children are fresh minds and everyone expects them to think differently on a topic than the existing ideas. Those children are the result of the treatment they receive at a kids’ school. Kids not only learn the answers to questions that they don’t know but find new and innovative ways to find their answers. Especially with the modern technologies taking new shapes every day, children need to be ready with innovations and ideas. The learning that helps in evolving the thinking skills of a child begins at the basic levels. The preschools are responsible for framing curriculum and activities that not only develop academics but help a child in developing cognitive abilities. Parents can play an important role in the idea generation powers of their kids by raising relevant and interesting questions to them.

Self-Respect and respecting others

The characteristics of a person’s life hugely depend on their morals and values that build up the personality. Honoring someone with their words and actions are some basic morals and lessons that children learn at school. Before that, a child should value their decisions and learn the power of self-respect. The lessons at a school are not just fictional; the practical lessons build opinions and are a huge part of the mental growth of a child. The moral and values of respectfulness reflect in the functioning of a child while studying, giving answers, communicating, and thus evolving as a student and person. This aspect of life is taught vastly in the middle schools but the base is created at a preschool.


A universal truth of our lives is that we live in a society and are a part of it. Wherever we go we will have to communicate, coordinate, and be united with the people that are around us. Kids learn and adapt the qualities in them during the building phase and it is the right time to teach them too, as once they grow older they already have habits and lifestyles to live. Teamwork is an ingredient that makes life smoother and easier. From schools to working culture one needs to work with a team and coordinate to emerge as a successful person.


Leadership is a quality that everyone wants to adopt. Every parent wants their child to be a leader in whichever field they go. This quality develops in a student when he/she is actively involved in the activities and competitions that happen at a kids’ school. No matter if you are a leader or not but the quality of leadership helps the child at different phases of life, they can take decisions and lead their life towards success.

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