Hobby Time

Spare moments are not just a leisure time. They are those moments which if put to best use can reap in a lot of benefits and make a child practice their skill. If you discard or disown these moments and do not realize its true value, they will never trace back to you. A hobby if practiced and preached well can be an asset which is the brightest gem and helps to lead an eventful life. Hobbies are creative ideas to put to our time to the bet use possible. Hobby should always be such that lightens a child’s mood and at the same time instill a confidence of possessing a skill or an art which shall make them shine an stand out above the rest. Singing and dancing are not just hobbies we know today. With advancement in education and its allied tools, we have a lot of activities in bag which kids enjoy and make a part of their hobby idea. This can be writing prose/ poetry, creating own songs, singing raps, creative arts and much more. Are you still confused that these hobby ideas shall take a stroll to your little kid’s time? It is obvious for a parent to get puzzled for the fact that whether or not their young one would profit by preaching hobbies. Here’s the solution – Be affirmative, they definitely can. Know how to they practice their hobby. Analyze the result and keep a check that they do not deviate from the ultimate motto of learning a new skill. Ensure that you never make this hobby a burden otherwise a child will always refrain from learning something new. Also make sure that apart from guiding well, you also have to give them a space wherein they are free to act flexible and as per their wish. Here’s a list of advantages that hobbies provide to young children:

1. Deal with stress: Engaging in hobbies provides relaxation to the mind and body releasing one from the rigours of way of life. Today, even little kids and under the pressure of joining classes which they never would want to. If a child doesn’t love singing, it might never create a love for singing. This is just so plain and simple to understand. A hobby or an activity which is loved to the core always drives stress away in adults as well as in kids. Hobbies provide the proper ‘getaway’ from the hustle and bustle of way of life.


2. Nurture creativity: Most hobbies faucet into one’s inventive potential. For example, when a hobby idea is collecting stamp assortment needs creativity in displaying the gathering the same. In cases where hobby involves drawing, painting, music, humanities and crafts, they serve as a catalyst for upliftment of child’s inventive powers.


3. Improve mental health: Hobbies let kids to focus and concentrate on a higher platform or a higher thinking level. They develop their reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. In a nutshell, hobby time aids psychological feature development and regulate mental health.


4. Physical well-being: Hobbies that need kids to stay outdoors make them physically sturdy and well-built. Even if the hobby is an indoor one like bird-watching, gardening, drawing etc, they still remain physically fit in awe of satisfaction they derive from these activities.


5. Build social skills: Activities whereby kids have to move and act with others build their social skills. They develop effective communication and social skills. Hobbies like traveling and offer plenty of scope to polish social skills. Also, being in a vicinity of hobby teams and interacting with those who have similar hobbies improves interpersonal skills.


6. Contribute to emotional health: Leisure interests boost child’s shallowness and confidence. Once their creativity is unleashed, it proves to be a feel-good factor for kids. They gather huge satisfaction from following their passion and also the appreciation they receive once they showcase their abilities. This element of hobby ideas contribute to their emotional health and keep them happy.


7. Facing challenges: In the course of their inventive pursuits, kids would possibly face some challenges. However, since they’re engrossed and in love with these activities, they learn to beat and overcome these challenges. They develop a habit of stepping stones to victory and this gets mirrored in their real-life scenarios.


8. Teach time-management: By dividing their time between regular activities and hobbies, child gets to manage their time effectively. They learn to devote time judiciously for numerous activities while not jeopardizing one interest in favor of the other.


9. Expand knowledge: While indulging in hobbies, kids gather plenty of data as regards the activity of their interest. This leads to search behavior and inculcates reasoning abilities in kids. For example, for planting a tree, a child will dig deep into which type of seed to sow in which type of soil and pot. Such data gained expands child’s knowledge and power of thinking.


10. Dispel boredom: Children tend to attract boredom easily than adults. Dissatisfaction will lead to idleness and make the little ones unenergetic and bored of the daily routine. Also, they possess high levels of energy that has to be channelized on the correct path. Hobbies are understood as the proper avenue for this.

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