Tips to Teach Your Kids Personal Hygiene


We can not teach our children all the habits mentioned above overnight. Teaching personal hygiene to a child will require a lot of patience. Enrolling a preschooler in a school nearby is good to raise them in the right direction. Bachpan is continuously serving a high-quality programmed learning way to toddlers so that they can bloom beautifully and achieve their goals.

Here are some tips to follow while teaching your child about hygiene:-


*Explain the Difference: You can start by explaining all the good and bad habits. You as a parent can share your own story to make them understand the good and bad habits. You can also start with something your child already knows.

*Explain the Purpose: It is important to explain to them why he or they should maintain good hygiene and the basic reason behind why something is good or bad.

*Praise and Encourage: You should always praise your child when they do something good. It can be as simple as washing hands or sneezing into a handkerchief. As a parent, it is our responsibility to raise them in the right direction and encourage them to learn several learning skills.

*Start With the Basics: Making them learn good habits for kids is important for every parent to raise them in the correct direction. Doing things regularly turn into habits, and these habits help in creating or building the character of your child. You can simply check to have your child wash his/her hands first and then move onto bigger things like brushing, cleaning their hands or nails, bathing, food hygiene, etc.

*Practice Before You Preach – Children are great observers and smarter than we think them to be. They are observant and know very well when you are trying to trick. if you want to make them learn anything.

Then first you should behave accordingly. Always ensure you practice all the hygiene habits yourself carefully before teaching them any good habits. Most of the time, children watch you and learn from you. You wouldn’t have to teach them the habits separately then.

*Educate Them: Tell your child about the different kinds of germs that can harm and microbes that cause diseases. Also, explain the things that happen if he or she gets affected by germs. is a place where preschoolers can play, socialize and move around with children of their age before they start formal schooling. They will learn several activities how to share and giving respect to others.

*Make Learning Fun: Play allows a child to use their creativity while developing their imagination and making friends learning sharing and caring and emotional strength. A Playschools also focus on a holistic approach so that a child can grow in multiple ways. By the play way method, they can remember better. Try including games and other fun activities whenever you teach them about hygiene. The play-way method is their favorite method to learn several good habits. In a playschool, they grow not only academically but mentally physically and they also learn several life skills to lead a happy and successful life and grow as a responsible adult.

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