Tips to Protect your preschool kids from Air pollution

Air Pollution

With the ongoing turbulence in the air quality, it is essential for parents to protect themselves and their children from Air pollution which has created a lot of buzz in recent times for worsening everyone’s health. Especially Delhi and its neighbouring cities have been trapped with such smog that there is very low visibility in the atmosphere.

Reasonably, the toxic air makes everyone cough and irritates the eyes, causing throat infections, viral fevers, and severe headaches. The condition gets worse for people suffering from asthma and cardiovascular diseases.

AQI in Delhi these days is getting worse day by day which varies from 363 to 497 whereas it should be 100 and below. This toxic air is leading to worsening the health of the citizens. These are just the minor symptoms, but the condition is worse for so many individuals and it is essential to protect especially the teeny tots. To protect your preschool kids from air pollution, here are a few tips:


  • Measure the AQI and Set a time for them, suitable to play outside

Measuring the AQI will let you figure out at what time it is the least and when the toxic air is at its peak. With surveys, it is measured that one should avoid morning time for exercising and going out as the smog is too much during that period.  


  • Using Masks Outdoors

Whenever you go out, there are more chances of the Toxic air going down in your lungs and harming the body. To reduce the impact, one should put on normal cloth masks or surgical masks in daily use.


  • Usage of Fans over Air Conditioners

Over time, air conditioners collect bacteria and dust, and when the AC is turned on, these substances are released into the home and environment which causes air pollution.


  • Prohibiting smoking near children

Of course, smoking is very harmful to everyone and it is very important to realize that the toxic air that is going into your lungs is equal to smoking. So why make the situation worse? One should not smoke and if you do, please do not smoke near children.


  • Keeping Hygiene and cleanliness around

Hygiene and Cleanliness lead to a healthy life. Keeping your house clean is a must but more importantly, if you keep your surroundings clean, there are fewer chances of catching germs, harmful bacteria, and viruses.


  • Eating Healthy food and increasing the intake of water

Having lots of green vegetables, fruits, and water intake is very necessary during this period. Avoid processed and streetside unhygienic food.


  • Growing Air Purifying plants

Plants and trees are good sources of clean air or oxygen and cut down the effects of toxic air. Keep Planting…


  • Regular exercising to boost immunity

Exercising regularly and taking immunity boosters like Honey+turmeric+tulti water and doing salt gargles will help in fighting air pollution.




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