Mommies! Get Ready. Your child wants you big time at the onset of the new session of their school.
There are two major breaks in the academic session for the child and respectively there have to be two big starts.
Read on and know what more your role requires in the following two starts: Start Afresh

Part I: After Result: Onset of New Session/Class Transition

*Get them to routine: A Child after any break tends to sleep more and eat more. Get them to exercise in the morning, if possible few days before school so that they develop a habit of getting up early and dressing for the school.

*Books and Allied stuff: Bring the books for the new session a few days before
so that you can label them along with the kids. You have a role in introducing
the new books and the content of those books. Get the child writing along in
the notebooks if at all they have just shifted to the 4-5 line notebooks to the
single line notebooks.

*Uniform Check: Get the child new uniform. See if there are changes or alterations to be done. Involve the child to practice how to get ready for school on their own.
Filling the etiquettes gap: Children get casual regarding their routine and etiquettes at home. But, they need to follow a certain kind of behavior at school. Best remedy for this one is to get
them enrolled in the nearest school conducting summer activities. Activity junction is one such effort by each school at Bachpan Play School.

*Label items: Label items to be carried on the school at the onset of the new
session. If the child is going to the preschool, you have to label their bottles,
bags and even shoes as per the school guidance.
Lunch box planning: Sit with the child and fix each day’s tiffin menu. Amalgamate what the child enjoys to eat and what nutritious you wish to give them. Also, try some of the food recipes few days before the school starts to avoid any taste battles at the peak moment.

*Check stationery: Buy with the child required notebooks, books, colored pens, colors, poster paints, paper clips, files and folders, pencils, erasers and much more. At Bachpan, we have some great stuff which can be bought online before the new session. Visit (Only for Bachpanites’ parents) and order the required material without going out in the scotching sun.

Start Afresh Part II: After Summer Break: Onset of the real swing of learning

*Holiday Homework: Check with your child that the holiday homework meant for the summer break is complete in all respect. Check for any art/Craft work if all it’s incomplete. Such a work demands a great deal of time and should be completed well within time.
Summer Camp Report: Prepare in your writing a checklist of all the activities done by the child in the Summer Camp. If the child did not go to the summer camp, enlist those activities which he/she did at home. Ticks mark the activities and let the child know the targets met. Tell him/her the benefit of joining the summer camp the next time owing to a regularity which it maintains a in a day’s routine.

*Refill stationery and books: There might be some books which the child
thinks that are not in use. Exchange such books with the new and important
ones. There might be extra files, folders and stationery which the child and
you both have realized are of no use, exchange such stationery items with
the help and common understanding of the school stationery supplier,
provided it’s pre-decided and allowed that purchases made can be exchanged.

*Purchase add-on material: Ask the child if he/she is short of any study material. Purchase study material that you did not do at the onset of new session.

*Check and adjust day’s routine: Try to prepare the child mentally that he has to get his routine
right after a long break as the school shall start soon and he/she would be required to get up
early, get ready and catch the bus. If not by bus, reaching school well in time is important and
inevitable and thus it should be communicated to the child while adjusting the day’s routine.

The child needs you at every point in time. But, before breaks and at the edge of school reopening, they want you the most to prepare them mentally and give a push so that the transition between the break and the normal school routine is smooth.

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