Tips For keeping your child warm, this winter

how to blanket your child this winter

How to blanket your child this winter?


Safeguard against the chilling weather is a need for all. Adults too need due care in winters so, kids are more sensitive parts to be taken care of while the winter is on. Not only the mid and end of winter season is important to be careful of but, even at the start of this season, the body of kids is sensitive and catches cold easily. Apart from falling ill, the season change causes a lot of change in food habits and daily routine. Chilly morning loves everyone to be sticked with their blankets unless it’s too important o gets up, The school timing changes and kids get extra time to sleep. In real, this time when the kids have to report to school a little later as compared to summer is not to give them extra sleep. The body, in winters, clasps itself into the difference in outside temperature and body temperature and as a result, kids feel dizzy and their muscles tense up. The following paragraph discusses the important points pertaining to the care which should be ensured in three most important parts of child’s days’ routine:

Before going to the school

It is necessary that kids are taught to follow an exceptional and more carefully planned exercise and diet regime. It is necessary that the body is warmed up before stepping out of home for school. While mom cooks food, fathers or elder siblings may assist the child in doing basic morning exercise.

Make it a habit that child covers head and foot with warm socks as only from these two extremes of the body, the cold affects the sensitive body of the child. Make your child eat a lot of nuts and peanut butter to keep warm. With the incomparable pollution which is in the air nowadays, it will worsen with the coming winter. Get the child good perforated masks to wear from home till they reach the classroom. Use soaps with moisturizers and after bathing, tell them to apply a little bit of olive oil or coconut oil on whole body to prevent drying skin.

In the school

Train the child to cover their mouth not only when they sneeze but also if their seat partner coughs or sneezes(In this regard, make sure that this action is not highlighted as it may bring a feeling of discontentment if covering of mouth is shown evidently by one child to the other). Winters are a breeding environment for bacteria which cause varied infection. So, instill in a child a habit of washing hands at least before and after meals and using a lavatory. Give your child a handy travel Vaseline package and instruct them how to apply it on their lips twice a day while they are in school.

After the school

The day has not yet ended. The most crucial part of winters is the day end. This is the time period when child would wish to go out for playing as indoors are too boring a thing. Make sure that they are covered well with warm clothes and are protected from insects which winters bring in the parks and gardens. Safeguard against mosquitoes and flies by affixing insect repellent patches or applying repellent roller to their clothes.

This Winter, take good care of your kids. Make them eat healthy. Yoga and exercise will keep them warm from within. Do not give them too cold or too hot water to take a bath. A slightly warm water than the lukewarm one will be just right to bathe.

Remember! Heaters and warmer are not a good option. Do not tell kids that they can sit in a room with a heater if they feel cold. An adjustment in a days’ routine is a must and heater is not a good option.

Happy Winters!

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