Teaching the Importance of Family to Kids

“Family” is a bond, a long-lasting relationship that holds it members together with the thread of love. Bonding does not happen overnight. Every second, every minute that you spend with your loved ones, bonds you to them. It is through a family that we learn the values of love, trust, hope, belief, culture, morals, tradition and every little matter that concerns us and the society we live in.

Children need to learn the importance of family and how family helps in building a strong future. Children depend on parents and family to protect them and provide for their needs. Parents and family form a child’s first relationship. Parents need to make them realize the importance of family in their life.

A few points which will help to show the importance of family to kids—

  • As parents, you should give importance to family gatherings and events. Kids will learn to give importance to the family by spending lot of time with them. My personal experience has been that kids enjoy a lot when they meet their cousins etc. My son till date loves attending functions and gets excited at the fact that he’ll meet his cousins and uncles and aunts. He loves it when they come to us
  • In order to inculcate respect for others, parents must lead the way and respect elders in the family as well as their kids. Children will naturally imbibe and emulate their parents.
  • While teaching kids about importance of family and its values, very minute areas and aspects need to be focused upon. For example— mark the birthdays of members of the family on a calendar. It will make a child realize the importance of doing such small things as wishing family members on birthdays to make them happy. It is a very lovely feeling.
  • Customs and rituals are also good ways of teaching important values to children. As each member of the family gives importance to customs and traditions, children too will learn to value them. Festivals and cultural events at home can be great times to bond together. I involve my son to help me decorate for the puja, bring flowers, leaves etc, help in organizing the ritual teach by involving them; whether for making a garland, painting a diya or lighting up candles or decorating a Christmas tree.
  • Physical touch is a strong way of communicating and displaying love, warmth for others. This is more important for kids. A simple reassuring hug from parents and others in family can be magical and healing. My son is a grown-up boy. Still, sometimes when I see him low, I just give him a comforting hug. It helps!!

Sow the seeds of the importance of family early in children’s life. Nurture the familial bonds by leading the way, setting examples and with lots of patience and love. I promise you that with this, your most beautiful garden of life—your family, will grow healthily and your lovely flowers, your kids will bloom and smile through life as strong and sensible individuals. A good family results in strong, mature, balanced and caring individuals who are very relevant and much needed in the society and the world today.

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