Teaching Techniques for Preschool Children for an Optimistic Start

Teaching techniques for preschool children

The significance of a Play School in a child’s life is inevitable. To sow the seed of education in the journey of holistic development, our shining stars must get as many possibilities of growth as possible. 

However, in India, preschool education is still considered prodigal. Is it necessary that a child gets play school education for an optimistic start? 

To begin with, Play School is the initiation of an educational as well as social start for a child. It is a platform that enables a child to perform day-to-day activities smoothly and have a sense of independence in testing their skills. 

Let’s see how your child can gain holistic development through various teaching techniques at Bachpan Playschool

A Preschool that creates a fun-loving environment

The main objective of a playschool is to have no frills; with children being able to learn basic everyday social behaviour like potty training, socializing in public, and having a skill set. A Preschool that creates a fun-loving environment to make kids comfortable like Bachpan Play School does make a spot even in small cities of the country.

Preschool that creates a fun-loving environment

Make way for Play-Way

In a Play-Way method, a child learns through different playful and fun activities. Activities such as Role-playing, Virtual games, Singing rhymes, Free play, and much more contribute to a child-friendly environment.

Reggio- Emilia Method

This method believes in a collective approach to teaching children, by both parents as well as, teachers. It exemplifies activities and core values of children to make their place in the world. Communication, developing relationships, encouraging children to do more, writing, dancing, art & craft, and much more help in documenting how a child is progressing.

Reggio- Emilia Method

Waldorf Method

This method ensures that the children become lifelong learners, right from the very beginning of their educational journey and be able to think and imagine from a broader perspective for an optimistic start. 

Montessori Method

The Montessori method is used to teach preschool children sensory learning. These include touch, smell, seeing, taste, learning, and reading. It is a play-based method that helps in reducing errors and promoting concentration abilities. It is aesthetically designed that provides a home-like feeling. 

10 Activities that are a part of preschool teaching techniques 

  1. Kick the letter up
  2. Colour sorting letter
  3. Alphabet pillow jumping
  4. Connect the dots
  5. Children’s book in a bottle
  6. Literacy activity
  7. Alphabet ball
  8. Letter Bingo
  9. Sensory messy play
  10. Recycling 


Preschool children should learn through different teaching techniques for their holistic development. In a collaborative setup with loving teachers, caring helpers, and effective teaching modules, every child can become his/her best. 


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