Teaching Children to Love and connect Nature


If you as a parent love nature, then it is very easy to develop or convey this love to your children. Expose them to nature from the time they are young. Encourage them to play sometime in the garden. Let them pick up and observe leaves, new saplings, flowers, rocks, etc. Point out and name trees, name some insects, birds, and animals to them. It will not only allow them to connect with nature but know and learn things scientifically. It is the first place where the child can build his or her self-respect and confidence. A school allows children to learn the importance of his or her name, things, and friends. Enrolling a child in a pre-school at the correct age is very much important for their right growth. It is the right place for the child‘s foundation for lifelong progress. If you want to connect them with nature or to grow them as a nature lover these points you can be in your mind.

Involve Them in Gardening

A great way to help your children to connect the nature is to get them to help in gardening. It will bring them in touch with the soil and correct amount of watering also they will encounter different kinds of insects, worms, and other intriguing creatures. Loving plants or flowers, and seeing them grow day by day and develop, is a wonderful opportunity for them to know the cycle of creation first hand. You can also help them to the water plant and set up a bird or butterfly feeder in your garden.

Gift Them a plant or a Hobby

Enhance their enjoyment of nature by giving them plant or magnifying lenses, a pair of binoculars, or a simple telescope to see things closely. Encourage your children to observe things minutely they see and record them. Teach them to take notes and write what they are observing. Get them to make sketches of what they see. Give older children a good lens or a simple camera, if they show any interest in photography. Buy your children field guides to some common plants or animals, insects, birds, or trees in your area; identify plants and animals they see during their trips will help increase their interest and their knowledge to make a fun activity into a life-long passion.

Teach Them to Conserve

As they grow older day by day, teach children to value nature. If they will love nature then nature will nurture them. Encourage them to accept conservation practices. More importantly, parents should practice first. Then explain to children how small are important things like using water carefully and keeping lights switched off can save energy, when they do not need these things they can turn off can contribute towards conserving nature. Getting your children to value nature will not just help them become responsible citizens, but will even make them better custodians of our beautiful planet, the earth.

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