Teach these basic safety measures to your kids

safety measures

Kids need attention, care, love, everything a little extra than you think. Parents do make sure that they make certain efforts to ensure the safety of their children. But, once the child is ready to move out, it is the responsibility of the parents to teach some basic safety measures to the kids. Parents can’t be there every time for the kid and the kid should know the basic traits of being safe in the outer world. There can be some practices to make such actions a habit for the child. Children are curious and want to explore a lot of things around them. It is normal and should not be restricted in any case. They deserve to live their childhood to the fullest. Rather than focusing on restrictions, the parents should work on teaching them safety measures. The schools and society do teach a lot to the kids but their basic learning should begin from their home. Give them the freedom to play but teach them the manner alongside too. Preschools work on safety while conducting activities and teach kids the basic practices too. Parents need to polish them and adapt them in daily life.

The following safety measures are compulsory lessons for your child

Never Trust Strangers 

A basic lesson that every parent gives to their kids. Everyone in the outer world is not filthy but no one knows the reality without knowing everything. Kids should be taught to not visit somewhere with strangers or take gifts from them. Even, they should not get indulged with anyone whom they have met only once or twice. Tell them to wait for you after the school gets over and be with them if you’re out somewhere. Kids can understand such things after they start walking. You just need to convey your thoughts politely and gracefully. The grasping power of kids increases when you tell them things using examples. Preschool teaches them such things using some activities.

Never Play on Roads

Roads are not safe for kids as they are not balanced and might move here and there. Make sure your kid doesn’t play on the road and tell them that even the streets are not safe. A play area or ground is the only place where they should play. Also, teach them the road safety rules as early as possible. It is always beneficial when you start early and then look for growth. Preschools become more relevant here. They are the first ones to educate kids about several social issues.

Never Allow someone inside & Keep the doors closed

Educate kids about closing the doors whenever they take an exit from the house. This will make a habit in them of closing the door. Closed doors close several dangers as well, like thieves, intruders. Your kid would feel safe behind a closed door and you will also be relieved regarding their safety if you are out. When your kid grows and starts walking he/she will roam here and there. A closed-door would be the best solution for situations like these.

Never play with dangerous products

Several things are dangerous yet essential for a daily household, like, matchboxes, knives, electrical appliances, etc. Such appliances can be dangerous for anyone when not used properly. The children are raw and know nothing about their usage. Therefore, parents should first try to keep such things out of the reach of their kids. Secondly, they should try and explain the usage to the child as soon as possible.  Ensure that they don’t eat anything around. Anything can harm their bodies and proper guidelines on using things should be given properly to the child by the parents.

Never hide things from parents

Parents should try to make a bond with their kids so that they are not afraid of telling them anything. Ask them about their day, or about anything that has hurt them in school or anywhere. Parents should also educate kids about their bodies so that they are safe from any kind of abuse. They should be taught to inform parents about any danger or any suffering immediately. Teachers at preschool inculcate such habits by regularly asking questions.

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