The Story of Mannerism: Inculcating Etiquettes in Toddlers!

Let me warn you that it is not going to be a hassle-free task to teach manners to your child. It is completely true that you cannot expect your toddler to chew with closed mouth unless you tell them to. But your continuous efforts and the way you will focus on the idea of manners will definitely change the scenario.

Being a parent, you cannot deny the fact that your kids will follow you in wrong or right; in fact, whatever you do is being observed by them. So, act like the way you want them to be for the best parenting.

With a very particular research and survey, we’ve listed out top 7 way in which you can inculcate the basic toddler mannerism in your little ones easily.

  • Token of Salutations

Teach good ways of salutations to your little one to make him polite enough to say hello and bid goodbye to everyone he meets. Apart from this, good morning, good night and birthday wishes should also be taught as and when your child starts understanding the meaning of these little things. This will help him foster a happy habit of wishing everyone!

  • Importance of ‘IMPORTANT’

Kids are fussy and naughtiness definitely suits their character. But, when it comes to things being important, your child should be manageable enough to know the importance of ‘Important’. And this will only happen when you communicate with your little baby enough to know them well! A toddler might not understand everything, but yet grasps a lot easier. Your affection and love towards them will help them to understand the meaning of words like ‘important’!

  • Jingles of Respect

Being mannerly doesn’t only involve respecting the parents and just family but everyone who is elder to your kid. They must know basic things to do to show respect and make the elderly feel the regard that is being done. For an instance- when any elder visits your house, your kid should simply greet and meet them happily.

  • Manners in the Table Territory

Once your kid is sensible enough to understand what is going on in his surroundings, then the tables manners are really vital for him to learn. Dining lounge should have no distractions such as phones, tablets, video games, etc.  Chewing the food properly, eating sensibly, taking the appropriate servings, quoting their opinions of servings etc. are some of the vitals to remember for your little ones to cater to the table territory.

  • Three Golden Phrases

Your kid should follow the basic etiquettes concerning the language as well as their words should be humble. You can teach them three important phrases such as- Thank you, Excuse me, and Please. This will help your kid to develop a habit of saying these golden phrases and adapt to their usage.

  • Bag of Behavior

Manners are one of the first character traits that reflect the personality, background, and upbringing of a person in general. On certain occasions and concerning certain places, your child should know what kind of behavior, in general, should be followed.

At such a tender age it is next to impossible to teach children to behave sensibly to show how well-mannered he is. But, a little effort here and there will definitely let him know the difference between cribbing and asking, good and bad and very simple actions like these. They should follow a certain set of etiquettes while at public places such as gardens, movie theatres, family outings etc.

  • Rising Role-Models

Not just everything you tell, but your child will definitely grasp everything you do to learn without even effective demonstration. And thus, your actions will affect them greatly. Strive to become a great inspiration for your toddler. So, that he/she follows your good habits and be in his best manners. After all, all your kids want to be is just like his/her father or mother.


All the basic manners can only be taught with time; if you will rush to your baby then he will be obstinate and will start ignoring whatever you say.

So, try giving good examples to your kid and some bribes in the form of little appreciations too, in order to make them work hard to get those trophies before they get used to those good habits.

After all, manners cost nothing…

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