Steps to boost the basic study skills of your child

study skills

Teaching your kids to apply proper study skills to all of their academics will improve their learning and make them better. For example, management is a basic study skill. Students need to know where their books are so that they can grab them easily while preparing for an exam and don’t waste their time in it. Decent study habits are crucial to help children learn more effectively and feel more academically confident. It gives them a boost that allows them to steer through obstacles and do their best. Many kids might not know how to prepare for a test or exam, or how to keep their timetable organized. These skills can be challenging for many children but can be improved with proper guidance.

A few ways to boost the study skills of children

Build Strong relations with your kids

Learning new study methods is often challenging for preschoolers. The parents should make sure that they build a relationship with their child so that he/she doesn’t hesitate in raising questions while learning. Parents are the closest people for a toddler and can work effectively only if they share a strong bond.

Know Your Kids

Parents should be aware of what the kid already knows or what he/she is being taught at the school. Parents can coordinate and try to teach study skills according to that. It will be beneficial both for the child and the parent. Preschools try to maintain a flow in the learning of the child.

Teach a way to study for tests and quizzes 

Spend time teaching various study methods for success in tests and quizzes of different kinds. You can do that by taking notes, quizzing, creating flashcards, having a partner raise queries, re-doing issues, and much more.

Practice learning to get answers 

Sometimes, children suppose that learning is just necessary just to pass a test or get marks. Instead, facilitate children that the concept of learning is a part of their training process. You can make learning a common habit through daily activities and tasks. Nursery schools teach kids by such activities only.

Practice study skills with an academic module of the child

You can create activities and tasks out of the curriculum of preschoolers. For example, If you’re learning a way to build flashcards with your child, include some current vocabulary terms. It will teach them a new skill and keep them attached to their course as well. This is a very important aspect of my study skills.

Teach the importance of habits and routines

Students will take time in understanding how necessary our habits are. Give your time discussing some habits that your child has already got. This eventually encourages children to develop habits for writing their tasks, organizing their schedules, and learning for tests. Kids’ Schools develop healthy habits in children that stay with them, for life.

Teach functioning skills

Study skills are inherently connected with some functioning skills. Children will be benefited greatly from skills like organization, self-control, attention, flexibility, and perseverance. Teach students that they will improve these skills over time with patience and determination.

Teach time management

Understanding a way to manage time is a powerful ability. Teach children the importance of time by giving them a time limit of how long a task can take. Then, have students truly perform the task and check how close they were to the limit. You’ll be able to simply relate to the things you need to do to make them better at the activity or skill and will save some time as well.

Have peers who have the same skills   

No matter the age, all students deserve to have some classmates to succeed and get some support in learning. This is an essential thing that helps them build independence. Once a student develops the habit of staying alone, he/she wouldn’t be happy working in a team. Make sure you involve them with some other children from an early age.

Teach goal-setting

You should try to divide the tasks of children into smaller parts and make it a goal for them. This will improve their study skills and at the same time, they will develop the habit of setting the goals which will help them furthermore.

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