Speak-o-Pen As an Amazing Tool for Bachpanites



Everyone would agree that a child below the age of 5 years needs special care and a constant eye on what she/he is doing, eating, learning, watching and other basic activities she/he does. What if a child is having any problem in understanding letters, numbers, symbols etc? What if parents are not able to give much time to their child? What if parents don’t know the way of making their child understand basic concepts? At Bachpan, we have tried to address these aspects.

We have launched a home-based teaching tool, Speak-o-pen, a pen that speaks. It is an innovative and wonderful tool that makes children self-dependent. The child has to switch it on and touch any of our books at Bachpan. These Speak-o-books will sing, speak, recite and teach. Some amazing features of the Speak-o-pen are:

    • Attractive, portable, child-friendly toy
    • Wireless and easy to handle for kids — just six inches in size and is chargeable
    • Helps the child to learn correct pronunciation, phonetic sounds, punctuations, various concepts, facts & tips
    • Helps in revision of the topic frequently until the same is learnt well
    • Enhances the sensory skills of the child including listening, recognizing, imagining etc.
    • Attracts the young minds to explore their books which by default are Speak-o-books
    • Children can use Speak-o-pen and Speak-o-books anywhere, any time.

Above all, I feel so proud to say that Bachpan’s concept and ground philosophy of playing and learning effortlessly are taken care of by Speak-o-pen. Children are special to us and anything that holds their interest and makes their learning joyful, immense and happy — Bachpan would love to do that always.

And I would like to thank you for appreciating and following our blogs regularly.

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Uma Devi Subraveti
Uma Devi Subraveti is a Senior Associate of the R&D team at Bachpan. Excellent communication skills have earned her the added responsibility of being their Chief Coordinator (Communications). She comes with a vast teaching experience in some of the good schools in Delhi and outside. A natural at teaching, Uma has taught a variety of subjects at all levels in formal schools. She says, ‘teaching is a learning experience and working with the young learners at school is truly amazing and exhilarating.’ Working at Bachpan for nearly a decade now, Uma says that she loves to drown herself among books, all the creative writings, the Corporate training programs, interactions with expert resource persons etc. Among her hobbies, writing and reading come naturally to her which she makes good use of at Bachpan. Her other passions are good music and cooking a variety of dishes for which she is not only popular at her home, but also with her young team at Bachpan who look forward to her occasional treats.

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