Some paper bag activities for kid’s fun learning

paper bag activities for kids

Paper bags are a great source of crafts for kids. At the same time, paper is also valuable for us and we need to explain this to children as well. Paper bag activities help children get familiar with paper bags and their use. While you make your child indulge in paper bag crafts. Even paper crafts teach students creativity and judicious use of paper bags. When fun paper bag craft activities for your child are included in classroom activities frequently, children learn to save paper bags for timely usage during activities instead of throwing them out.  A paper bag is one of the versatile crafts for kids to keep them engrossed. A simple brown paper bag can be used in more than 50 ways as a paper craft. It is one of the best craft ideas for kids and makes it easier for parents to keep their children active.

Here is a list of a few fun paper bag craft activities for your child:-

  1. Kites

One of the most unique yet common paper bag activities is a kite made of paper bags. All you need is a lightweight paper bag, cut its handles and add multicolor paper fringes at its open end. You can decorate it more according to your choice. Your kite is ready to soar high.

Kites-  Common Paper Bag Activities

2. Crowns

Paper bag craft ideas for kids

Paper bag craft ideas for kids are interesting but should be withheld by parents as well. One such activity would be a crown made of paper bags.  Take a paper bag that is not in use anymore, and open it softly from the ends to get a flat sheet. Once you get a flat sheet, cut one of its widths in zig-zig form. Now join the two ends to get a small cylindrical shape. Decorate with colors, mirrors, and glitter. Your crown is ready to be worn.

3. Popcorn Bags

While kids are home, parents can use boring things because children expect new stuff every now and then. One such inclusion to paper bag crafts is to make a popcorn bag. With the help of a paper bag, you can straighten it and make a cone-like shape. Once your cone is ready you can decorate it and use a popcorn bag.

popcorn bag.

4. Puppets

Paper bag craft ideas for kids

Paper bag craft ideas for kids have definitely include puppets made of waste or non-usable paper bags. You can use paper bags to make puppets of various animals such as rabbits, cats etc, and enjoy using them for storytelling or show-and-tell activities.

5. Tree Painting

Once you take out the unused paper bag, you find it crumbed. All you need to do is open it from the ends and roll them lengthwise. Twist the roll a little and paste it on a piece of paper, it will seem like a tree branch. Now put/color the flowers around the branches to make it a beautiful tree painting.

Tree Painting

6. Upcycle bag

There are many times when you get bored of using the same paper bag repeatedly. To upcycle the same, give a few colors and stationery to your child and ask them to decorate the bag so that it looks unique and beautiful. It is a successful addition to the list of fun paper bag activities.

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