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Ensuring the best learning experience since the beginning of their educational journey is essential for the children. They are sensitive to the education provided in early childhood as during those years kids absorb knowledge and traits like a sponge. Play school prepares them for elementary school and can drastically determine their performance in school later.

Play Schools over Traditional Schools

Preschools provide a safe, nurturing, and stimulating atmosphere with young, competent, and caring teachers. The focus is on the development of the children rather than merely the learning process. Play schools are the first place of social interaction for the kids. They develop communication skills through learning activities such as games and plays. Being an urban city, the majority of play schools in Guwahati, Assam emphasize learning through play because play meets the physical, intellectual, language, emotional, and social needs of children. However, rural areas schools such as play schools in Jorhat, Assam incline towards the traditional teaching methods. There, the kids learn the letters of the alphabet, hear the individual sounds in words, learn new words and their usage, practice early writing skills and familiarize themselves with math and science.

Why Bachpan Play School?

Bachpan play school is one of the largest chains of play schools in Assam as well as in India with 1100 branches across the country. They happily get up in the morning and get ready for school. This also ensures regularity in their learning and instills a sense of discipline in them. Parents should not be concerned about sending their naive kids to play school as the teachers are specially trained in early childhood education and are very sensitive to them.

All About Bachpan!

Some other innovative technologies that distinguish Bachpan from other play schools in Assam are Robotime, Smart Classes, and Virtual Reality. Robotics is one of the most enjoyed activities by kids at Bachpan. It enhances their critical thinking skills right from a young age. Old were the days when teaching was done with blackboard and chalk, this is the era of smart classes for quick and extensive learning. The application of VR headgears for 3D viewing and live examples are exclusive at Bachpan play school. These cutting-edge features are rarely present in any other play schools in Assam. So, why discount your kids from the exceptional schooling atmosphere when Bachpan play school branches are present in every corner of Assam? You snooze, You lose! Get your kids enrolled in Bachpan now.

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Bachpan Play School
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