The Real Meaning of Friendship – Toddler’s Version!

Humans are social junkies! And why they shouldn’t be?

Friendship is the only thing that costs you nothing more than love and trust…”

Do you know studies have shown that your baby is social from the birth? Observe your baby getting involved and befriending almost everybody. The first lesson must be related to the interpersonal skills that involve their behavior with their siblings or peers. Interaction from parents must be polite and friendly.

Friendship is not just an integral part of a section of the age group, but for a human as a whole. Whether it’s about an adult, teenager or toddlers, friends are important! They give to the experience, to cherish for life!

Just like other relationships, friendship needs time to nurture and get strong, so you must give enough time and ways to let them find the right path for that. Teach him or her about various things that it takes to be a good friend and that is only possible if you become your toddlers’ friend first. Here are the things that you can begin with-

  1. Be a good role model:

A child learns a lot from good parenting, so you ought to set a good example of friendship. Surround yourself with positivity and good habits and nice friends to let your baby observe and grasp the same. So, eventually, after observation, your toddler will act in the same manner.


  1. Try to develop a perfect friendship:

It’s not like best parenting involves the teachings lessons only but these days it demands even more. Friendship is a lot more important between you and your child. You can develop a better bond and better understanding that will make your child easily share anything with you, which is the best part of toddler development. So, if the base is well defined then there will be fewer chances of future issues and hesitations in the parents as well as their kids.


  1. Teach them the characteristics of a good friend:

All the best qualities that are required to be considered as a nice friend must be taught to him or her. Loyalty, empathy, good listening, and honesty, etc. must be there in friendship. All these lessons can be better taught at home, so let your child explore the world of friendship by being a good Amy himself.


  1. Make him grasp the basic lessons:

‘Old is Gold’ is one of the best preaching’s when it comes to educating and making little ones realize the value of good and old friends. So, don’t forget to enlighten him with the bad friends, expectations and how to treat others from the very beginning. Make him or her good friend today and rest can be taken care of in the later part of toddler development.


For the social and emotional development of your child, friendship plays an important role as a source to survive in the environment. It is essential to teach your child the real meaning and characteristics of a good friend.

After all, your child has a long life to live and a big bang world to explore. Beginning with the lesson and initial experience of friendship at home, your child will be able to meet and befriend people in school, college, or later life.


“A friend is one of the most beautiful and resourceful gifts you give to your own self. Friendships are a perfect blend of love, trust, anger, fuss and lots of fun. It’s a pure and eternal bond of love and affection with no bars of enjoyment and togetherness. Choosing a friend can be difficult, but when you get one, you will feel comfortable, and happier to share your personal space with them! Keep your friends preserved, they might be irritating, yet precious!!!”

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