Providing strong foundation for all around

Providing Strong Foundation

We all know that education is very important to all of us it teaches us the best way to live. We help them to understand the perspective of life in a better way and lead successful lives as responsible citizens and providing strong foundation. We understand that kids are fun-loving and they love to learn in a playful environment, thus we are here. Bachpan play school is nationally recognized and offers a well-versed arranged and beautiful environment to our kids. Bachpan is endlessly serving a high-quality programmed learning way to toddlers so that they can bloom beautifully and achieve their goals. Providing strong foundation for your kid with our high-quality learning program, we create a strong infrastructure and learning environment with playful activities. Bachpan is a place where our toddlers not only learn but enjoy their childhood with great fun.


The nursery wing of the bachpan follows a distinctive formulation of curriculum that makes these tiny tots tremendous in every aspect of life. Providing a strong foundation and help them to understand the values of education. With the help of our well-organized program, they learn and grow beautifully. Our unique teaching method provides a unique way of education to the little ones. We care for the skill and knowledge that requires fostering and enhancing holistic development.


Kids are Very innocent and energetic too. A good teaching preschool curriculum defines the quality of teaching. It provides the framework to the teacher which he or she uses to guide the learner. Bachpan has a beautiful playground for our kids where they learn things with playful activities. Physical activities and finding time for movement are very effective ways to engage in multiple senses. While playing they can easily recognize different colors counting trees and butterflies they can easily learn numbers learning with playful activities is an effective way to remember things in long-term memory. Play allows a child to use their creativity while developing their imagination making friends learning sharing and caring and emotional strength. Learning through visual content is helpful for the teachers to explain the concept easily and it Improves the interest of kids to learn through visuals. Visual learning is one of the easiest ways to ensure that learners store information in their long-term memory. Learning with playful activities is important because childhood is very beautiful, and it plays a very crucial role in our life.


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