Paving the way for a promising Future

Promising Future

If it is time to start considering which play school would be the right fit for your child and your family. Our school strongly believes that every child should be given opportunities to explore and learn at their own pace, without any added pressure to perform. Bachpan nurtures their natural curiosity and supports each child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive developmental process in a personal way. It is crucial to building a good rapport with children and their parents as well based on open communication and mutual respect. Bachpan embraces an open door policy encouraging parents to be involved in school life and participate in the classroom whenever possible.

Curriculum-Based on Learn While Play

Our passionate teachers guide every child to learn through play and experiments. The teachers give proper attention to the students that are essential in the early childhood years and have a powerful impact on each child’s development because of the small class sizes and an ideal student-to-teacher ratio. Play is one of the most significant means through which children explore, investigate, imagine and learn. Through play, they learn about how the world works and discover their unique place in that world. The emphasis, in learning while play,  is on guiding children to learn with lessons carried out through play and socialization. Learn while play is an active, child-initiated process that supports children’s learning in many domains including physical, social, emotional, creative, science, math, language, and literacy.

Our teachers are flexible in planning class activities because young children are still in the beginning stages of learning different skills and should be allowed to learn what they are interested in. Each child is unique and has different needs that may change day-to-day depending on the age of the child which is why we try to focus and emphasize on what works best and be flexible in the plans to make adjustments when needed. The important thing in the classrooms is that children are having fun, laugh, and enjoy the activities while they learn.

Our Students are Well Prepared for High School

All the teachers possess a degree in education and are trained in early childhood education, and all staff members represent the mission and educational philosophy of Bachpan Play School. At Bachpan, we take satisfaction in knowing we meet and exceed the criteria that Indian private and public schools require and set forth.  Our comprehensive and age-appropriate curriculum maintains high standards and also caters to each child’s needs and emotional nourishment. It will be very exciting for your child to be a part of Bachpan Play School and such a wonderful school community!

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