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Activities on Gandhi Jayanti for Preschool Kids

As we all know that Gandhi Jayanti is arriving very soon and this day is termed “The International Day of ...

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How to Induce a Daily Routine in Playschool kids

Kids in playschool are at a certain age when they outset a particular routine which helps in cognitive, social, and ...

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Prepare Preschool Kids for a Gender-Neutral future

Bringing up kids in a gender-neutral environment is not an easy task in India. Parents who are willing to raise ...

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Best Krishna Janmashtami Activities for the Preschool Kids

Krishna Janmashtami, an Indian festival that is known for being very enjoyable, is almost approaching. Dahi handi competitions, a plethora ...

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Raksha Bandhan Activities for Kids | Handmade Rakhi Ideas

Raksha Bandhan is a significant event that celebrates the loving relationship between a brother and a sister. This pleasant day ...

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Parenting tips to ensure stress-free parenting time for you

One of the most difficult aspects of parenting is that our children are constantly watching us, collecting clues from what ...

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How can play school education boost a kid’s concentration?

One of the abilities that may be developed over time and through consistent practice is concentration. Although it is necessary ...

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Benefits of Paper Bag & How To Make It? - Activity For Kids

Every year on July 12, World Paper Bag Day is celebrated to make people aware of environmental debris and encourage ...

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The Importance of Public Speaking for Nursery School Kids

Public speaking is an ability that is useful throughout life for everyone. Particularly in this day and age when everyone's ...

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Manage the eating habits of kids using play school concepts

Did you realize that one of the parents' most prevalent problems is their kid’s troublesome eating? As a child's tastes ...

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How to Design & Develop a Preschool Curriculum: Tips for Educators

Preschool teaching is a complex art to say the least. It involves dealing with children that are venturing out of their homes from the protective care of their parents for the first time, and require a caring atmosphere. Having said that, pre-schooling is also about teaching students the basic practices of life that they develop on. The small children require […]

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