Nurturing Human Values in Young Minds Since 2004

Human Values

At Bachpan Play School, we aim to flourish an all-rounding approach to early childhood education. In addition to laying the foundation for your children’s future academic pursuits, we also empower them with social and collaborative intellect to help them navigate through life. By balancing organized and unorganized play, we offer your children the opportunity to develop resourcefulness that helps them to build confidence and a strong sense of self.

Unique Curriculum and Experienced Teachers

Bachpan offers top-tier early childhood education facilitated by experienced and highly educated teachers. They are deeply passionate about helping and teaching children to learn and grow. Our staff is focused on fostering a safe and stimulating atmosphere in which your children can discover the world around them. With a maximum of 20 students in a classroom and a minimum of 3 teachers at a time, our low student-to-staff ratio and the resources ensure that our children are properly supported in their day-to-day activities.

Our services extend beyond child care to a deeper level of learning. Our unique curriculum helps lay the groundwork for a lifetime of academic success, while also focusing on healthy social development. At our school, children are encouraged to develop and pursue their own interests using a combination of structured and unstructured play.

An Open-Communication Environment

The Bachpan blogs and weekly emails keep the parents and guardians informed about what their children are learning with us. Our teachers and administration are always available at pick-up and drop-off times to discuss any questions or concerns the parents may have. Parents are always welcome to email us to book a private appointment or visit during recess or after-school hours. Official reports are published at various times throughout the year to share your child’s progress. Our objective is to help your children develop into focused, goal-oriented people with a lifelong love for learning. We focus on preparing your children for their entrance into both public or private schools and building their confidence to succeed in schools and beyond. We have 21 branches in every corner of Delhi because we want to reach every student in New Delhi. We urge parents to visit our nearest branches with their children and let them choose what is best for them.

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Bachpan Play School
Top educators, experts, child psychologists, and nutritionists form a part of our team at Bachpan Play School. Navigating the domain of preschool education from all directions, all our blogs discuss contemporary topics, ideas, parenting tips, and activities that relate to the modern needs of young children.

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