Motivating Phrases for Preschoolers



Whenever you use some encouraging/motivating phrases for your kids they feel so happy, the best part of using such encouraging words is the glow of happiness on their faces, and they feel they are enjoying every conversation with you. Such phrases not only build their confidence but they feel more revitalized.

Some of the phrases are listed below:

  • Good job!!
  • Thank you for your help my child!
  • You are going right!!
  • I trust you common sense!!
  • You have worked so hard to clean this room!
  • You always bring a smile on my face!
  • You make it look so easy!
  • The task was tougher but you’ll figure it out!
  • You seem to really enjoy drawing!
  • Thank you for helping me in serving food!
  • Thank you for the thoughtful card!
  • Keep on trying, you are going right way!!
  • I appreciate what you did!
  • I know that was a new thing for you but you really tried hard and you will achieve it with little more perfection!
  • You are so special to me!
  • I respect your feeling!!
  • Your grades reflect that you are really doing good, keep going!!
  • You should be proud of yourself!
  • I noticed that you were very patient with your little sister!

Do you ever feel that the words come out of mouth are direct order, like don’t jump on sofa!! Don’t do this otherwise I’ll teach you a lesson! What a stupid thing you did? Such words never ever will build a healthy relationship with your child; try to be nice with them. Speak very carefully and gently with them because a mother is someone who can take the place of all others and she is the best and first teacher to the child.

So praise them, however small will make them feel happy and strong. Choose your words carefully and be firm with them. Let you kids know that you love them very much.

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