Making a kid understand the beliefs and values of diversified cultures

Cultural Value

Childhood is the best time to make different perceptions and beliefs and you would want it to be as balanced as possible for the betterment of your child. We live in a country that is as diversified as it can get. It becomes an added responsibility for the parents to make a child understand what are different cultures and their traditions. It is convenient if parents start the practice of teaching at the right time because once a child forms a belief in his/her head, it becomes difficult to change it. Also, different cultures have different lessons for your child that teach moral values, life lessons and offer a variety in lifestyle. Your child can get fascinated by several practices of different cultures and get indulged in different festivals that have different traditions. You can teach a lot from each one of them and build curiosity in a child related to the history of a particular culture. Giving them practical experiences would be great for their learning as it is easy for them to learn by visualizing things. Preschools can be a great space for your child to witness different traditions and lifestyles. As they would learn and grow, they would also learn a lot about different cultures through their peers and teachers.

These practices can turn helpful for you in making your child understand the diversified cultural values:

Preparing different food items

Food is close to everyone’s heart. The cravings for different varieties of food can be utilized to a good effect by the parents. You can eat different varieties of food that are being eaten in different cultures. While your kid eats that food, you can tell a lesson about the culture or how that food originated. Amidst this practice, your kids might get their favorite meal that they would continue eating for the rest of their lives. You can take help from your friends or neighbors who belong to different backgrounds and cultures. Also, you can search for different recipes on the internet and try one every week.

Making them learn several languages 

Languages vary from state to state and sometimes city to city in our country. Every language has its origin and history, which can be an interesting lesson for your child. Knowing about different languages not only sharpens the brain but gives your child a brief about different traditions associated with a particular culture. You can start by translating some of the commonly used words like sorry and thank you in different languages. In today’s world, you can translate one language into hundreds of languages using the internet. This can turn out to be an interactive and meaningful practice for the cognitive growth of your child. Preschools work on such basics from the beginning.

Listen to a variety of traditional music 

Music is fun, especially for the kids when they sing along, dance, and clap on the beats. It can be a great learning experience that comes with entertainment. When your child listens to some traditional music of different cultures it can bring a mixture of language, emotions, musical sense, different instruments, and genres. Singe can bring a lot of curiosity inside your child and you can answer questions like, what does it mean? From where the singer is? What culture does he/she represent? Even nursery schools try to get a child to indulge in music from the start.

Glimpses of traditional clothing or design 

A glimpse of different attires and designs is enough for your child to know and recognize different cultures. That is the power of cultural values in our country. You can select different designs and attire and teach your child about the relevant culture. You can even buy them different dresses to have some experience of it. 

A holiday to diversified locations 

A trip to any particular place every season can bring lots of teachings to your child. When your child looks at people having the same kind of attires, eating the same kind of food, using the same language, then it becomes easy for them to understand the whole culture and its different traditions. Preschools usually teach about different cultures early to a child by using geographical location on a map.

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