Make Out The Best From Your Child



  • Let them solve simple problems – If you see your child picking a book from bookshelf, let them do it at their own “provided that they are safe”, give them a chance and think they can use a stool to step up and reach the shelf, such moments are the character building moments.
  • Let them eat at their own– Putting your child in charge of a regular, easy and simple task will build his/her confidence and sense of competency. Let them eat and practice eating their meal at their own. Plan small meals for them so they can try and eat comfortably, don’t bribe them to clean their plate as younger kids do, let them eat properly first and then teach how to clean plates.
  • Allow them to be creative– Just as all kids are not intelligent, equally all kids are not creative. Creativity is not an inborn talent that kids gets from their parents; it is actually a skill that kids develop with the help of their parents and younger ones or through social interaction. Creative person are more flexible as they accept technological advancement easily and deal with them perfectly. Don’t be bossy, just provide them the resources they need for creative expressions, but don’t entertain useless demands.
  • Encourage children to read for pleasure and participate in creative competitions, ask them to limit TV and other screens. Make them participate in music classes, art & craft classes, reading every book written by their favorite authors, read & have fun with their favorite comic book series, rehearsing a play, learning to draw and colour.
  • Make sure that your child doesn’t skip breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. If they don’t eat in the morning they will feel lazy and tired for the whole day. Make sure that your kid doesn’t start off his/her day with sugar. This gives a quick burst of energy and leaves the child drained. Make sure that you cook something in breakfast which is rich in protein, some healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.
  • Take your kids for shopping and allow them to judge which product is right to pick and allow them to read the instructions written on the product. Only take them when you are not in hurry and spend some quality time with them. If your child appears to be interested in certain type of fruit or vegetable, encourage them to explore the same. Of course it is easier for you to go alone and buy fruits and vegetables from market but take them along with yourself because it is necessary for them to see the fruits and vegetables in raw states and ask questions to explore about them.


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Parul Nandwani
Parul Nandwani is a computer programming enthusiast who is passionate in contributing as a blogger, teacher & as an IT professional with the work experience of over 5 years. After obtaining Teacher Training, she also obtained Master’s in Computer Application. She likes blogging about kids and giving parents valuable Parenting Tips.

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