Make Mornings Merrier with Preschool Children

make mornings merrier

No matter how much love young parents give their children, they will always be cranky and grouchy in the mornings when going out to preschool. Parents in the end have to yell or force them to leave the house. Here’s a solution to minimize preschool children’s frustration and grumpiness and make mornings merrier

Handing over Control 

To make mornings merrier, parents need to realize that every human being likes to have control and power in their hands. Make them feel that they are a part of the decision-making team in the house just like their parents.

Instead of using sentences like; “Go brush your teeth”, “Take a bath”, “Pack your bag” etc., parents can perform an activity of art & craft and let the children make their Daily Chores Chart. Paste it on the wall and ask them to follow it. 

Reward the children

Using words of encouragement is very necessary when parents are dealing with preschool children. Also, giving them healthy treats for doing a job that they were assigned to is a symbol of give and take. 

They perform the work and get appreciation in the form of goodies. Some of the healthy treats can be; fruits, healthy snacks, a probiotic drink, and sometimes chocolates and packed treats can be taken as an option.  

Buffer time 

Creating a buffer time is essential to be punctual in the morning routines. If you think they take 5-10 min in packing bags and wear shoes, wake them up accordingly. A 15-20 min buffer time is very necessary to make mornings merrier with preschool children

This will ease those slower days and dilly-dallying among the children and also the parents will be relaxed because they know that they still have time.  

Question yourself beforehand

Parents must question themselves from time to time about how they will manage their children’s every need in advance. Questions like, “Am I going to fulfill my child’s need”, and “Are we always late? Can we still make out in time”. 

To make merrier mornings and a happy schedule with their children, parents should always try to cope with new methods and tricks and question themselves about what more they can do.  

Make a Bedtime schedule

A bedtime schedule for preschool children is very necessary. Sleeping at late hours will automatically lead to a delay in waking up the next morning. To avoid this delay, parents must schedule their child’s time to sleep and make sure that even they follow the rule. 

Children follow their parents’ habits and routines and thus, young parents need to have a proper schedule themselves.

Pack a tasty yet healthy lunch 

To make mornings merrier with preschool children, parents should know that almost every child’s happiness depends upon the food they are eating. They will be attracted to going to school if parents prepare a tasty and healthy lunch every day to share with their friends.


Practicing these easy peasy tricks will lead you to a merrier morning with preschool children and finally, you will feel happy, relaxed, and carefree about the next day’s preparations.


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