Look for the Best School for Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development

In 2004, Bachpan Play School was established to deliver a high-quality, play-based learning program to families all over the country. Since then, Bachpan has grown into an institution that parents and families trust, reaching more than 500,000 students from 3 years to six years old in more than 1200 branches in India and Nepal. Our talented and highly educated teachers also collaborate with parents to nurture children into respectful, confident, and joyful learners. Bachpan has a knowledgeable group of teachers, researchers, and experts in child development, early learning, technology integration, brain development, parent engagement, and health and nutrition. Our training team evolves and shapes the Bachpan’s play-based learning program, putting research into action and empowering children to become school-ready, career-ready, and life-ready.

The STEAM Curriculum

It associates academic skills with practical application so the learning process becomes meaningful to children’s everyday lives. The STEAM curriculum helps children in developing the essential 4 Cs of 21st-century skills that are creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. It encourages students to think about what they are learning in a more connected, holistic way. Through the STEAM curriculum, children develop the skills and attributes to navigate the world around them.

Learning Through Play – A Fun Learning Experience

Recall all the times when you pretended to be a doctor, a chef, a parent, or a pro athlete when you were a child. As you enjoyed exploring those roles, you were also figuring out how different people behave and learning through play. Learning through play makes children school-ready, career-ready, and life-ready.

School-Ready: By going above and beyond any state and national educational requirements, Bachpan Play School teachers help students become academically proficient and ready for elementary and high school. When your child’s first-grade teacher would ask a question, your child will be well prepared to answer it

Career-Ready: Learning through experience enhances the development of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical-thinking skills. Corporates demand these skills in the workforce, so developing those skills early on helps prepare children for success later in life.

Life-Ready: Whether your child has an interest in astronomy, writing, cooking, or in any other area, they should develop the drive to independently seek out information to fulfill that curiosity.

Bachpan welcomes you to visit our campuses in Bihar and to clear all your doubts regarding the selection of the best play school for the wholesome early childhood development of your child.


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Bachpan Play School
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