Most of the people in India wish to start a preschool with a simple reason because it provides easy money. But the simple fact is almost nobody is passionate about the ethical values related with play schools, they start it for the sake of money. If you intend to start a preschool choose your brand carefully and work with one of the leading and best play school in India like Bachpan…a play school. The brand you are associated with must work in a dignified manner and this group is going on a right track.

A preschool is the most important part of a child’s life-cycle where they learn to play and play to learn. This article will help enlighten you regarding all the steps to be taken care while opening a play school.

#Step1: Choose a Brand: Childcare programmes such as preschools, play school centre’s, bring forth one of the most lucrative and safe investment opportunities. By choosing a Brand you don’t have to go through the trouble of launching a school and creating your own brand, instead remain in your city and enjoy the status of an esteemed educationist in your society by becoming a branch of a fruit-bearing and shadow-giving tree named BACHPAN, which was planted many years ago.

#Step2: Fill in the application form and meet the team who is working hard to achieve the best and give the best in class service to the franchisee. Being our franchise owner, you are provided with our continued support and guidance in every possible manner.

#Step3: Select a Location: Select your school locations and take the permission from your local authority although not every state follow the NOC pattern but some states do, so take the permission and start carving your dream.

#Step4: Reap the Benefit: Being associated with the Brand you will be provided with their continued support and guidance in every possible manner, something that no other playschool brand can claim. They assist you training from the day you are associated with them.

Hope this article will help you in planning your preschool and for further information stay tuned for more updates from our side. Keep visiting us and share your thoughts with us.

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