How To Make Children Attentive At Home

Children Attentive At Home

Do you struggle to grab the attention of your child at home?

Does your child ignore your commands and do what he/she wants to?

It might be challenging to come up with new activities that would keep children attentive at home.

At Home, children generally tend to be free and easy going. During this time, they forget that they need to pay attention to what parents are saying and not just do it in school.

Children who ignore their parents’ instructions most likely become arrogant and apathetic in the future.

Reasons why children don’t pay attention

  • Find the instruction challenging
  • Outside distractions
  • Demotivating parents
  • Require different types of parenting
  • Insufficient nourishment or sleep
  • Struggle in learning
  • Anxiety or stress

It’s possible that children are dealing with one or more of the issues listed above. Before attempting to discover a solution, pay attention to their behavior and take time to identify what they lack.

Tips To Make Children Attentive At Home

  1. Develop a broad range of activities at home

It is essential for parents to come up with different activities to indulge their preschool kids at home. Starting off with activities that take help in household chores like in the kitchen, watering plants, cleaning, and setting things in place. Keep in mind that they should receive a reward after they paid attention to something.

2. Be aware of their mood and dynamics

Observe your kid’s mood whenever you want them to do something. Remember, Willingness is the key to doing something with full effort. Don’t force your opinions on them.

Mood and Dynamics

3. Take breaks in between

Take a break

It is important to understand that you cannot force yourself upon children. As they are at a tender age they need not be overburdened. Both parents and children need to step back from their goals from time to time.

4. Social behaviour

It is your duty to help them analyze the world. As parents are the first humans that are closest to their children, they should respond as good citizens. Interacting in groups and actively participating in a team helps in creating their own learning activities.

Social behavior

Learning activities that grasp the attention

Here is a list of a few activities that make children attentive at home

  • Focus games- odd one out, I spy, ludo, snakes & ladders, etc.
  • Activities that have an end result- puzzles, riddles, listening & musical games, etc.
  • Movement-breaking games- gross motor skills like robotime, coordination games, etc.
  • Concentration exercises


Lastly, parents must understand that preschool children have an Attentive Span. To help them pay attention, this concentration table might help you.

  • 3-year-old- 6 to 9 minutes
  • 4-year-old- 8 to 12 minutes
  • 5-year-old- 10 to 15 minutes


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