How to help children in overcoming their learning disorders?

Slow learning

The process of learning varies from one person to the other. Someone grasps things quickly, some get it by taking their time. However, everything is the result of the growth that a person has experienced from childhood. Slow learning is natural in some kids but if it is not dealt with adequate functioning during childhood, it can turn into a habit that will stay forever. You will want your kid to excel in every field and learn things as quickly as possible. For that, don’t get worried if your kid starts slowly but try to build an environment where your kid can improve and learn from every activity. Also, the disorders or slowness in learning can be of different kinds, like, many children would have a problem in speaking fluently with time and few would learn the reading habit slowly. It is all about how you understand the disorders and deal with them. Taking it as a tension for yourself would not help you in any way. Don’t pressurize your kid if he/she takes time in learning and never compare them with other kids as it creates a lot of negative impact on their minds causing harm to their mental health and thus overall growth. Preschools know the art of dealing with slow learners, they make sure they don’t make the kid feel vulnerable. It is a practice for them as slow learning is natural in some kids during early childhood.

Here are a few tips to help children when they find learning difficult during the early stages of their lives.

Know your kids learning ways

Different individuals have different styles that attract them to different learning methods. You kid might be slow in one of the methods but that doesn’t mean he/she is dumb or weak, in fact, no child is weak they just need their ways to get towards the learning process. Some kids will learn easily by listening to their teachers while others would find memorizing easy through the visuals. Similarly, few kids would learn by getting involved in activities or art & craft. It is parents’ responsibility to understand the ways in which their child is comfortable and get them what they want. If they will get a comfortable environment during childhood, they would slowly learn everything and be effective at everything too.

Let them “own up” their mistakes

Mistakes are okay, and the frequency of mistakes increases when someone is learning. Kids will make mistakes but parents need to let them correct their mistakes by owning up to the situations. When kids realize what they are doing wrong then automatically they will learn more things related to the particular subject. The habit of learning from your mistakes would help a kid evolve with each day. Parents can also decide what wrong their kid is doing and plan their schedule accordingly. For example, if a kid is slow in learning new spellings, then parents can ask the kid to learn 5 new spellings every day. The preschools have this activity on their module. They make kids learn from their mistakes which enhances their learning speed as well.

Identify their strengths

It is easy to criticize but it is tough to give feedback that can help a child in their growth. The tough job is on parents. Parents need to observe what interests their kids the most. There are several ways to do it, you can find whom your kid sees as an inspiration, in which activities does your kid excel every time. Such observations would lead you to know the right ways to make your child learn. It is important to use the right ways to enhance the learning speed rather than trying too many different ways. Preschools have a vast curriculum that is not according to any academics but shuffled as per the needs and interests of a child.

Utilize Technology to good effect 

Modern technologies have developed enough to help kids. Rather than involving them in smartphones, you can use technology where the child can grow at the right place. The audiobooks, smartphones, tape recorders, and speakers can work well in teaching kids. They can learn through visuals, or by listening at any time, any place.

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