Healthy and Easy Recipes for Kids

Healthy & Easy Recipes for Kids

Healthy & Easy Recipes for Kids

As promised in my last post Toddlers Need a Lot of Care by Way of Nutrition, I am back with some easy recipes and tips for my young friends. Motherhood is not easy but it is joyful and can be organized to be so. Let me share my experience for good nutrition which is simple. Anything created lovingly by mothers is always spectacular. Here we go!

  1. Pumpkins, gourds & leafy veggies can be steamed, pureed and added to broths, soups, dals etc., to enhance nutrition and reduce boredom. Add them to dal batter to make yummy cheela or pancake.
  2. Veggies can be steamed and mashed along with some potatoes and bread crumbs to make patties, tikkies or cutlets. Shallow fry them or bake them smearing some oil. Add boiled corn to give crunch to them.
  3. Mix flour, milk, sugar, mashed and pureed fruit pulp of a banana or mango or mixed dry fruits (coarsely ground) and make pancakes on a non stick pan. The pancakes can be shaped like a star, flower, fan etc. to add attraction. Add beaten eggs if you like, to the batter, to get fluffy pancakes.
  4. Dals of your choice can be soaked with some rice, ground into batter. Add salt &spice and make pancakes. Stuff them with crumbled paneer and colourful finely-cut veggies to add the extra vitamins and protein power.
  5. Cut up carrots, cucumber, red, green and yellow bell peppers into long sticks. Put some cheesy dip in a bowl and arrange it with the veggies sticks. Let kids snack on them while playing around.
  6. Mix diced onion, tomato, cucumber, boiled corn, lime juice some sugar, salt and pepper powder to make yummy chaat.

I have mostly mentioned vegetarian food as it is easy on digestion. Fish, meats and eggs can be supplanted as required. Happy cooking and good nutrition! Invest in a little time in the kitchen for your loved ones and see them bloom in health. You of course will be happy and healthy too. I can vouch for that. CIAO!

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Uma Devi Subraveti
Uma Devi Subraveti is a Senior Associate of the R&D team at Bachpan. Excellent communication skills have earned her the added responsibility of being their Chief Coordinator (Communications). She comes with a vast teaching experience in some of the good schools in Delhi and outside. A natural at teaching, Uma has taught a variety of subjects at all levels in formal schools. She says, ‘teaching is a learning experience and working with the young learners at school is truly amazing and exhilarating.’ Working at Bachpan for nearly a decade now, Uma says that she loves to drown herself among books, all the creative writings, the Corporate training programs, interactions with expert resource persons etc. Among her hobbies, writing and reading come naturally to her which she makes good use of at Bachpan. Her other passions are good music and cooking a variety of dishes for which she is not only popular at her home, but also with her young team at Bachpan who look forward to her occasional treats.

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