Give a Power-packed Lunchbox to your Growing Toddler!

Eating healthy is very important for everybody especially in a schedule packed with lots of physical and mental tension. Being an adult, you know the importance of healthy food and munching timely with home-cooked meals. But your kids will definitely find one or more different ways to eat out almost every day. To streamline the focus and alertness of your child towards a home-cooked manner, you need to cater to them healthy food every now and then.

Our mothers might have tried the best to make us follow the healthy diet throughout the day but yet there lies a drawback of presence when mothers are not around, especially at school! To tackle the situation, the concept of lunchbox has definitely aided mothers better.

Lunchbox is one of the most powerful tools for parents to stick their child to a health-pact diet when they’re not around, especially during the school hours. But, it’s not easy to make a fully power-packed lunchbox or make your child eat healthily. There lies a whole lot of efforts of what and how to give and what not! So, here are some ideas to make your kids eat healthily-

  1. Interest them with Food

Kids are really fussy these days, so try to make food versatile and interesting for them. You can pack various types of food like a fruit, some yogurt, carbohydrates and some healthy snacking options to make them allure enough to eat them all without plunging on food from outside. Kids are really smart and know your ways of making them eat healthily, so don’t forget to appreciate their healthy eating habits every day.

  1. Make it new! Almost regularly…

Do not hang over the same food daily. Keep on introducing new food items to your food list every now and then. Teach your baby to avoid being choosy and always be open to food while trying new things and new flavors. Every food item has a taste and benefit of their own that needs to be focused upon. You need to bring new spices, fruits, and vegetables and keep encouraging them to eat for their good.

  1. Set a Good Example.

Do you think your little one will prefer eating veggies when you are eating junk? Obviously not, kids follow what they observe. Being a parent, it is our responsibility to set a good example by eating healthy as much as possible.

  1. It goes with Educating!

Your child will not listen until you tell him why it is vital to eat healthy food rather than street junkies.  We always think that our kids will learn everything at school but some major moral lessons are to be taught by the parents and not teachers. So, try to develop a habit of eating healthy in your toddler to let him foster a good habit further.

  1. Make it look Twerky!

You can add various healthy things to unhealthy meals. It is very easy to add veggies without making your baby angry. Make a nice sandwich will all veggies with a little hint of mayonnaise that will persuade your toddler to eat it all with fun. Healthy eating is not a difficult task, all you need is to try different ways out for effective parenting to let your kid grasp healthy eating habits. So, it’s all about making your food look twerky and tasty.

With this, let us discuss some yummy and quick lunchbox ideas for your toddlers to enjoy their school meal time.

  1. Delicious Oats Idli is easy and steady to cook and a treat to eat. Your child will definitely like it much.
  2. Chila made of Moong Dal is awesome to add proteins while being tasty.
  3. Upma is easy to cook and definitely a very satisfying dish for children to keep full during school hours.
  4. Mushroom and Lentils Burgers are one of the healthiest treats with a delicious look. Make patty of the burger using various boiled lentils, veggies like mushroom, soybeans etc. Add salads as an extra filling.
  5. Almost all vegetables can be made into a club sandwich, which of course are loved by little ones. Add a bit of flavor with spices, lettuce, and sauces.
  6. Brocolli and Baby corn pasta are one of the easiest and alluring dishes to let your child fall in love with his/her lunchbox.
  7. Make up for a veggie roll in chappati with a punch of sauces and some boiled and mashed veggies.
  8. To allure your child, pack a multi-grain home-made bread or base pizza with veggies, mayo, and cheese
  9. Add his favorite tetra pack of juice which is healthy and suitable for his health.
  10. Make muffins or granola bars for another great lunchbox options.

All in all, for the best parenting, you need to convince your toddler to eat healthy in an enjoyable way.

And that will also include you to eat healthier!

Isn’t it?

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