We gift them a happy childhood memory

happy childhood memory

Early childhood is considered the most crucial phase for right development. Play school is the first place where they spend their time under the supervision and care of trained teachers. Happy Childhood memory are very crucial in our lives, it makes us remember the best time of our life. When one has good happy childhood memory, they grow up to be happy and well-balanced. Bachpan focuses on the right development of the kid. Memories of childhood and the physical, social, emotional, and mental development have a direct effect and impact on him throughout life.




Children are extremely curious and innocent too, it may possible they will not react but they notice everything. our school provides an environment where a child can strengthen their emotional, mental social, and academic growth. Children are like buds in a beautiful garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured; as they are the future of our nation we help these buds to become good citizens of India. Our unique teaching methodology provides a wide range of trained teachers and provides a well-versed method of education. We care for skill and knowledge that requires fostering and enhancing holistic development. We are developing a tendency to learn new things and shine like a star in this competitive world along with an immense of joy and dignity.




Teachers are not only who guide a kid for academics and their extracurricular activities but teachers are also responsible for shaping up their future and happy childhood memory. Our school creates a well-programmed environment where these toddlers can grow under the supervision of trained teachers. Our unique teaching method provides quality education to the little ones. Quality education is an important strategy in our nation’s education. We provide you the best teaching methodologies, so our preschoolers can grow and bloom. Our school focus on a holistic approach to teaching and learning also focuses on connection to the social world. We care for the skill and knowledge requires to foster and enhancing the holistic development, development of intellectual, physical, mental, emotional as well as social.




Active learning is any learning activity in which a student participates in different activities. Physical activities and finding time for movement is a very effective way to engage multiple senses. We make children learn through visual content and images so that they can easily recognize things, and connect to thoughts and understand things better. The effectiveness of these approaches is due to the alignment with the science of how children naturally learn through play. With the help of our daily activity, they will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development and they will grow and shine like a star.

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