Get Best Play School Experience In the Heart of India

Play School Experience

Since 2004, Bachpan Play School has been providing top-quality preschool education to families across India. A magnificent preschool experience happens only once in a lifetime. The Bachpan Play School is committed to making that experience meaningful.¬†Our preschool performs with a combined curriculum where we incorporate academics and play to enrich our student’s lives. Our small class size allows each child to receive specialized and individualized attention. Each classroom is designed to develop age-appropriate, cognitive, fine, and gross motor skills, as well as social and language skills.

Incorporating Play-Based Education in The Curriculum

Bachpan believes that this will ultimately provide every child with a solid foundation from which they may build their lives. By linking Academic and Play-Based Learning, we provide the best of both learning techniques, allowing your children to excel both insides, and outside of the classroom.

The play-based classroom encompasses activities and areas such as a home or kitchen, water table, science area, reading book, space with blocks and other toys, or other areas. It is not easy to traditionally teach young kids that is why we deploy the learn while playing strategy. This way they learn numbers, letters, poems, and other skills.

Teachers are the First Friends of the Kids

They expose the kids to appropriate developmental experiences and opportunities through careful planning and observations of their group of children. The play-based preschool philosophy is designed by our experienced trainer to enrich the whole child, including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative development.

All of our teachers are certified with teaching certificates and have passed background checks through our department. They are trained in early childhood education plus mandatory child abuse Training. Our teachers encourage the kids to play which facilitates social skills along the way. It might seem like they are just playing but they are learning valuable skills, including important social skills and cooperation with others, learning about signs, and early math. Bachpan welcomes the parents and guardians to come and take a look at our beautiful and advanced campus and decide the best for your kids.


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