Fostering the bond between a toddler and grandparents

Toddler Grandparents Bond

Your child and your parents need to have a bond that not only helps your family in being stable but can improve your kid’s chances of learning a lot from them. There can’t be a better teacher than experience. Grandparents share a special bond with their grandchildren, they just need the right space and alignment to sit with them and talk in the way they want. It becomes a responsibility for the parents to give their children and parents adequate time to stay together. Parents should not be too restrictive when it comes to a kid spending a lot of time with his/her grandparents. Parents are responsible for creating a bridge between both of them so that they can live sharing and caring with each other as the grandparents are also like a little kid who needs extra attention and pampering. There can be several games and activities that the children and their grandparents can play together. Grandparents can play a major role in the early development of a child and help the child in their preschool learning process as well. Even the preschools can suggest some brilliant activities that the kids can enjoy with their grandparents.

Here are some tips that can help you as parents to be the bridge that can carry the bond between children and their grandparents

Sharing the family roots 

There can’t be anyone better than the grandparents themselves telling the kid about their family history and roots. It is like a process that continues from one generation to the other. Almost everyone is interested in knowing about the history of their family and grabbing different lessons through it. The parents might have listened the same from their grandparents and it is the turn of the new kids. The kids need to know about their own history as it gives them a sense of belonging and allows them to learn many lessons from it. 

Teaching kids the basic moral values

Every parent wants their kid to grow in an environment that is full of moral values and good habits. Most of the parents are busy themselves and are not able to give proper time to the kids. Grandparents are the only other individuals apart from the parents that can love the kids to the fullest. They are the best ones to teach a kid different moral values through different stories and facts of life. The experience they carry can never be neglected and everything they say can be a lesson for a kid. Even the preschools are involved in teaching moral values to a kid but the family inputs always work better due to the emotional bond.

Having a meal together 

Having a meal together increases the bonding, allows the kid to get inspired by how the grandparents eat, and have glimpses of the eating manners. Kids tend to repeat the actions done by their elders. At least one meal of the day for a kid should be organized with the grandparents. It brings in so many lessons for the young kid and keeps the grandparents happy and cheerful too. 

A road trip together 

You can plan a road trip that is full of moments of memories for both the child and the grandparents. Such trips are relieving and give quality time to everyone together. Happiness fosters the growth of a child and increases the lifespan of old-aged people too. You can decide the location as per the interest and need of your child. Preschools can tell a lot about places that can be helpful in your child’s development.

Include storytime in the bedtime routine

Kids love stories, they love the different characters inside a story and imagine a world of their own through it. Such stories are a boost to the thinking capabilities and imagination skills of a child. It is a ride of joy, entertainment, and lots of learning for a child. Grandparents have several stories like these that can be addictive for the kid during bedtime and bring a lot of moral values and lessons too. Preschools have such stories too but you can’t match the same energy and care at a preschool as the grandparents.

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