Every Child is Special

Every Child is Special

Every Child is Special

Every child is special,” says it all. Every child is a gift of God, the almighty has blessed us with a beautiful flower and we as parents are responsible to make them grow up as a beautiful human being. Every single child is talented in their own space; no one is allowed to judge them according to how they perform in their academics. I believe every child is unique and should have individual love, acceptance and attention.

If a child does not score well in his/her academics, it’s not at all means that he/she is not a special child. Children work with different speed, every child fly the only difference is some can fly higher than others, but each one flies the best it can. Every child has a different learning pace and style, each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.

Every Child,

Every Person,

Every Human Being,

Adds a different and unique,

Value to our World…

Every child teaches four things to an adult: To be happy without any reason, always be busy with some or the other thing, how to forgive and how every day is a fresh start. Every child is unique, it is just a matter of time that when they unwrap their packages.


As a parent, it is your responsibility to cherish their uniqueness, because children will not remember you for the materialistic things you provided but for the feeling that you share with them, just be careful with your words and actions. Every child is uniquely created and requires unique/special parenting.


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Parul Nandwani
Parul Nandwani is a computer programming enthusiast who is passionate in contributing as a blogger, teacher & as an IT professional with the work experience of over 5 years. After obtaining Teacher Training, she also obtained Master’s in Computer Application. She likes blogging about kids and giving parents valuable Parenting Tips.

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