Don’t Let the Child Use Any Gadgets for Longer Hours

It has become a very common problem these days with kids; we all may agree that gadgets are very entertaining. These are the major platform of technology today and are easily available in the market. Gadgets are so entertaining & useful and we have become addicted to them.

Technology without any doubt is very entertaining but it has equal health hazards to you and as well as to your child. The eating habits, mood swings, outdoor activities, sleep pattern and playing hours of your child may all go for a toss if your child too becomes addicted with any of these gadgets.

Today, children spend more time playing with electronic toys rather than with friends, parents, or siblings. Experts have warned that parents who allow toddlers and preschoolers to use mobile phone, tablets, television, computers, and iPad for more than 3 hours a day are in ‘danger’ zone on the addiction meter.

5 simple ways to get your child off these gadgets or to de-addict:

Tip-1   #Make Meal Time Gadget Free Zone:  There is so much fun during mealtime when we all sit and chitchat about how we spent our day. This discussion will develop a good eating pattern. Everyone knows that kids always run around during meal, let us be practical about it, they will run around, it is our duty to engage them in some activity while eating.

Tip-2   #Only 2 Hours of TV / Gadget on Weekends: Provide more of real playtime to your children; do not allow using TV/ Gadget during weekdays. Take a mutual decision with your partner that either of you would not sit in front of television or use mobile phones for long hours in front of your child. Plan a walk after dinner or take your kid on his/her bicycle for small rounds.

Tip-3 #Look after the sleeping routines: No proper sleep means higher behavioral disorders. Your sleep matters as much your food and it is the most important phase for your child’s routine. It should be made a rule that no one carry any gadget on to the bed.

Tip-4 #Start a project of your child’s interest: Children don’t think of long term projects because they are not aware of planning and budgeting, parents can help them realize what time management is all about.

“Once I gave my niece a pile of magazine and asked her to choose any design, which we could build together. She chooses a wooden boat and we spent Saturdays and Sundays during the school days doing that project. Over the time, she found the project so interesting that in every weekend, she used to visit my house and we chose a project and began planning for the same.”

Of course as a parent, your involvement is necessary to help & guide & see it the completion.

Tip-5 #Structure the Day: Plan a day schedule for your child like set the time for meal, playtime with the toys and plan a 30-minute break for him/her to watch television and be strict about it. Switch off the TV if it becomes an issue between you and him/her. Routine change will surely separate him from the world of gadgets.

Don’t wait; get your child off the Gadgets RIGHT NOW!! These tips will surely help you fight with this gang of gadgets.


Always remember your child needs you more than anything else! Gadgets can’t replace you. You just need to understand the pattern of behavior associated with its usage and work on it. 


Take Care Friends

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Parul Nandwani
Parul Nandwani is a computer programming enthusiast who is passionate in contributing as a blogger, teacher & as an IT professional with the work experience of over 5 years. After obtaining Teacher Training, she also obtained Master’s in Computer Application. She likes blogging about kids and giving parents valuable Parenting Tips.

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