Do Wonders with Play Dough

Do you love play dough? Who doesn’t, am I right?!

Do you remember the first thing you ever made with clay? Let me guess, we all started with a snake! What fun it was!!

Noah McVicker the inventor of play dough invented it out of a fortunate accident way back in the 1930s. McVicker created a substance, which exactly looked like wall putty. It was an excellent wallpaper cleaner because it didn’t contain any chemicals. It could be reused without damaging the wallpaper.

When Noah’s family noticed this invention or rather this his creation, they decided to market it. Gradually it became famous and eventually, teachers found that this wallpaper cleaner can also be used in art & craft for modeling projects at school instead of real clay. After World War II, this product got immediate success. People across the world have appreciated this product. Since its invention, play dough worth millions of pound have been sold around the globe.

Play dough has a variety of bold and bright colors. You can find it in almost every early childhood learning center/school. Although some kids are naturally creative, whether you give them a pencil, pen, play dough, sketch pens, or crayons, they can create wonders with anything & everything.

Why parents must encourage the child to play with it, what are the benefits of play dough?

  • It develops Fine Motor Skills
  • Play dough is perfect for the development of Imagination and Creativity
  • It can be a fantastic way to practice letters and numbers, it develops Math’s & Literacy Skills
  • It develops Social &Emotional Skills, play dough helps to boost confidence & self-esteem
  • Introduction of color and shape through this develops Cognitive Skills


You can store the play dough in an air tight jar for at least 6 months, but if you live in a humid climate you might need to store the dough in the refrigerator and away from sunlight

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Parul Nandwani
Parul Nandwani is a computer programming enthusiast who is passionate in contributing as a blogger, teacher & as an IT professional with the work experience of over 5 years. After obtaining Teacher Training, she also obtained Master’s in Computer Application. She likes blogging about kids and giving parents valuable Parenting Tips.

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