Choosing A Preschool for Your Young Ones

Choosing a Preschool for your young one is both an exciting and tough decision. Friends, relatives or neighbors can help you but be wise while choosing a play school for your child because every child is different and what works for one may not work for another child. Make a checklist of your own that you can use while visiting and comparing schools in your area.

Choosing a Preschool

Choosing a Preschool

Before you go there ask yourself what kind of play school are you looking for your child?

The best way to find a preschool is to answer a question to you “Do you want your kid in a busy and an active place with other kids or a small place with no activity”.

The following consideration can help you on finding the right setup for your preschooler.

Step One: Who teaches the children?

A quality preschool hires teachers who are well trained in handling small children with utmost care. A good preschool must ensure the teacher-to-student ratio, the fewer children a teacher has to handle; the better it is for your child’s growth.

Step Two: What educational philosophy the school follows?

What educational approach does a school have? Some follow play-based approach, some follow hard core reading and math training. Montessori Method is the best teaching philosophy among all and Bachpan…a play school is one who follows the pattern. The Montessori Method focuses on learning through playing and it also maintains the individuality of each child. This method believes that every child has different learning pace.

Step Three: What is the look and feel of the school?

  • A good school must have nurturing environment
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Flexibility with children
  • Hygienic classrooms
  • Easily accessible
  • Smart Classrooms

Step Four: Activities for children

  • Gym activity
  • Doll room activity
  • Art & Craft activity
  • Dancing activity
  • Smart class activity
  • Sharing activity

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