Is your child a victim of Communication Gap? Let’s bridge it together…

Even though we talk to our kids on regular basis but still there exists a gap that remains uncovered and distant.

Gone are the days when children used to readily listen to their parents’ advice without asking questions. Nowadays, children prefer clarifications and discussions over every decision taken by their parents as they are no longer the models of patience in the boundaries.

Is it really that tough to let your children feel free to share their secrets in front of you? I guess it is if you remain stubborn and behave like an authoritative parent rather investing some efforts to become your child’s first friend.


With an increasing population and influence of western culture in the picture of life, the nature of parents in India has also been influenced. Just like a Regular App Update, the Indian section of parental society is also updating them in accordance with the situation.

But yet, there lies a gap that needs to be bridged…COMMUNICATION GAP!!

Communication gap can a lot of time bring a major distance between families. Rather than showering behavioral and psychological training on your kids, let’s take a turn to teach parents some of the tips to build the blocks of communication gap between them and their children.

So, we are here with some of the easy behavioral related tips to follow to strengthen the bond between families, especially kids and parents.

  • Trust them… They’re not to be suspected!

Never be dubious about the honesty of your child as you will soon lose the confidence you invested over years in your kid. Your little one should consider you as a good friend and should give you much importance to ask for your advice rather than hiding away or being afraid of you.

Make him feel that you will trust him no matter what and you’ll be always there for them through thick and thin. It is then, that they will share even their mistakes and will let you solve the things.

  • Say no to Dictate… Unless you’re a HITLER!!!

We often tell our kids that a stubborn person fetches nothing but anger. But, when it comes to us, we end up behaving like one!

The definition of a perfect parenting is yet in dizzy mode. But still, there are some highlights to follow that can illuminate the path to your baby’s heart. Listening to your younger ones is one of them. You can’t practice perfect parenting if you have no patience to listen to your kid’s choices and demands along with quoting yours.

It’s high time that we stop dictating like a Hitler and start listening. To avoid the bad effect on toddler development, you should be flexible with the guidelines you follow to keep your baby under your eyes. And yes, those regulations ought to be reasonable!!

  • A token of Appreciation is a must!

A child looks upon his guardians for the satisfaction of appreciation and wishes to make them feel proud. So, it’s always beneficial and expected to keep boosting your little one’s morale verbally and physically when they do something good or shows even the simpler acts of kindness.

Always encourage and make them ready for new opportunities. This small boost in self-esteem will make them a better person and will nourish your relationship with love and warmth.

  • Freeze your hot head and take a chill pill!!

Just like other children, your child will make a lot of mistakes but it is your duty to point out those mistakes with politeness and relevant illustrations. We know you are way smarter and a pro at almost every thing! But, making children feel that you can and will always do better than them will not help out their faulty acts.

Practice a control on your emotions and completely avoid shouting at them. Simpler acts of anger and frustration can make this worse for you and for your children, making them stubborn and feel worthless. A continuous approach of anger with children might also end up not listening to you at all.

  • A family that dines together stays together…

We understand you and your partner might be busy earning bucks during the day to support your daily needs. Hectic schedules hardly let families have a meal together. But, it is important to understand the significance of spending family time. At least, you can make time and practice to have one meal together daily.

So if you wish to have a great conversation to know about each other’s day, then it is always a great idea to have dinner together. This will develop a habit in your little ones to share things with you regularly and help them stick to this habit in future as well.

Basically, bridging communication gap does not cost you economically, but mentally and physically! You will need to develop such a bond with your child that he/she would never hesitate to share their emotions, problems, ups and down and happy moments with you starting from childhood.

For the best toddler development, it is very important as a parent to invest some precious moments and lots of time in your child. Ease of communication from the very beginning will avoid letting your kid to follow the wrong path intentionally or unintentionally.

This friendliness from the beginning will never let you keep your child in the loop when they will push their boundaries in their teenage.

Till then, we wish you a happy parenting!



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