Finding the right play school

right school

Searching for the right play school for your child is not a cakewalk. It needs due attention, browsing, persistence, and knowledge screening till you find the just-right school which is necessary for early education years for the little one. Playschool, like the word suggests, does not only hold ‘play’ in its list. It is a complete setup that is going […]

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How this Rakhi will be different for kids?


How this Rakhi will be different for kids? Rakshabandhan is an Indian Festival to celebrate the innate bond between brothers and sisters. This time, Rakshabandhan will redefine itself. At one hand where brothers and sisters had been together in the COVID-19 lockdown, each one will have a special Rakhi celebration. On the other hand, there might be some who will […]

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Early Childhood Education and Changing Technology

Modernity has been a widely debated topic in the field of academics, in general. It refers to the structural change that society went through as a result of industrialization, urbanization and political changes. A modern society is a society capable of providing more options of growth, individualism, and a society demanding exploration of new ideas. The technological advancements in a […]

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Child Development – Definition, Theories, Ages & Stages

Discussions regarding and revolving around child development have had a long life of their own. Various academicians, psychologists, sociologists have pondered over how at different stages of life a child evolves, what those stages are, what is the role of parenting and society in general in shaping the lives of children and a lot more. First provided by Jean Jacque […]

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Role of Education in Indian Freedom Struggle: Independence Day Special

When we think of Indian Freedom Struggle, what comes first in our mind? Probably, Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh and many more. We know about their roles, contributions and their achievements, but how did they do so? What led them sacrifice their lives for Indian Independence and why only them? Indian freedom struggle and its seeds were cultivated […]

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