Gangs of Gadgets V/S Child Behavior – Easy Tips to keep electronic gadgets away from your child!

We all may agree that gadgets are very entertaining. These are the major source of promoting technology in the current scenario and are easily available in the market. Not only are they helpful in various sorts, but are even economical and affordable in accordance to the current luxury trends. With a positive side to the trending gadgets, the over usage of the […]

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Planning to start a Preschool? 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Location!

With an influential western culture, edupreneurs across the country are rigorously working towards providing the right knowledge in the initial stages itself. Thus, primary education is gaining a major market share in the educational sector. With increasing demand, the need for the pre schools in the country is also increasing. Edupreneurs are working towards the goal of starting up a […]

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Play school Franchise Vs Starting your own Play school! What is Better?

play school franchise

  “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” well quoted an eminent author, Benjamin Franklin. And so does it mean. With increasing power of investment along with the scope of profitability, investing in the educational sector is actually flowing with the wave of market trends. Stepping in the shoes of an edupreneur has become a popular vogue with a […]

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How to Design & Develop a Preschool Curriculum: Tips for Educators

Preschool teaching is a complex art to say the least. It involves dealing with children that are venturing out of their homes from the protective care of their parents for the first time, and require a caring atmosphere. Having said that, pre-schooling is also about teaching students the basic practices of life that they develop on. The small children require […]

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