Capture Moments They Will Never Come Back

Preschoolers live a life to cherished good times for life. Due to the rapid change in the first few years of a child, parents become very busy meeting their needs. They forget to capture the most precious moments of their child’s life. While taking-care the developmental need of a child, parents should also make a yearbook to collect the movements of our child. School teachers at Bachpan…A Playschool are so active that they click & record every child’s moment into a Photo Album, once requested by parents.



Keeping this beautiful thought in mind, Bachpan…A Playschool has designed unique Photo Album File for its students. It is an amazing & ready to paste picture photo file to highlight their yearlong memories. On the Graduation Day, the school hand-overs these photo album files to the respective parents of the students.They often appreciate the school during the parent’s alumni about how delightful they feel while going through the photo album of their child. We often hear from the alumni parents how they still look back and cherish the moments Bachpan shared with them.

What We Add To the Photo Album File

Smile, Laughter, Happiness, Moments, Memories, First Day at school, Activities of the child, and list can go on… like it’s a never ending joy whenever you come across the beautiful pages/pictures of this photo album.

There are different ways to preserve childhood memories

  • Collect the photographs every year and paste them on the back wall of your child’s room.
  • Capture the first smile, first step, everything he/she did for the first time and save them all in your mobile phone or at a place you feel is the safest.
  • Cut the photographs and make a collage.
  • Save your child’s old t-shirts and make a t-shirt quilt
  • Every child speaks some cute and little sentences, start writing them down and saves them all in a jar.
  • Keep a sample of your child’s handwriting each year and paste them on a scrap file.


You can also take the printout of photographs onto a magnet sticker; it’s so adorable to see the picture everyday on the refrigerator. You can also get the photographs printed on coffee mugs or on the milk mugs of the child.

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