Best ways to enhance the memory power of your kid

memory power of kid

It is natural to get bothered about your children when they can’t remember things for long. But it is not natural to pressurize them to do the same. There are ways to boost the memory power of your kid and it is convenient if you work on such activities from the base. Your child may be a slow learner but you need not worry about it. Everyone has their own ways and it is important that you focus on individual growth rather than comparing your kid with others. There are several factors behind memory strength, like, many kids might not be able to think in different directions at a point. Similarly, many kids think before they speak and find it difficult to do both at a time. It is to be noted that there is no need to worry about such things, rather parents should start a process and try to fix it by adopting certain brainstorming activities. Preschools are known for doing the same, they conduct activities and monitor the capabilities within a child, not to distinguish between them but to know which child needs what kinds of space to develop.

Here are some tips to foster the memory power of your child:


Let them visualize as much as possible 

Visualization is one of the most important practices to push your brain limits to its expansion. When your child visualizes different scenarios, you get to know his/her point of view and at the same time, you can judge what are capabilities within him/her. Art and craft are perfect examples of that, you can consider different real-life objects or situations and ask your kid to draw them afterward. It can help in determining what your child is thinking and how much of the real event and object does he/she remember. The practice of visualizing will help them memorize things and continually remembering it would work as a revision. Just make sure you don’t force anything on the child as it might work negatively. Just remember everyone takes their own time, especially when they are in the growing stage like preschoolers.

Indulge them in some visual memory games

Games are fun and they can be more productive than normal activities too. Make your child perform activities like remembering countries’ capitals and finding them on a map. Before that, make sure you give them complete education and guide them on the same. There are other ways that the schools use, but you should know what your child’s limitations are. Never force them to read or learn anything that is not understandable to them. It can be frustrating and would form a habit of mugging up in them. You would want your child to memorize everything practically and know the logical reason behind it. The preschools are built around such activities and that is the reason for their popularity among new parents.

Let your child Teach you 

This can be a very interesting and result-oriented practice for improving your child’s memory strength. Ask your child to teach whatever the teacher has taught him/her in the school. This would also give you an idea of what changes you need in the functioning of the teaching and what you need from your kid’s teachers. You can focus on the trend of whether the kid is forgetting things. Also, it would work as revision for the child and it would turn easy for them to memorize. The activities could be like asking your kid to teach you a new game that he/she learned in school recently. Try to make it as frequent as possible for your kid. Every preschool has the space to conduct such activities, make sure you choose the right one.

Promote active reading and cut information into pieces

It’s never easy to learn in bulk, especially for new learners. Try to make the information as short as possible and if everything’s important then chunk it into smaller groups so that the child can find it easy. Active reading means explaining everything and highlighting the important parts of the read. It helps in memorizing to a great extent. Schools that deal with kids have a close look at every child’s growth and promote these practices for them.

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