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Top 8 Study tips for students

study tips for students


Studying is often considered as an Art. It is sometimes called as the science of learning. In this write up, we shall go through some of the points that make you realize that studying is neither an art nor a science. It is a procedure which needs to be planned carefully and streamlined in a scheduled guidance of parents and teachers. It is important that in this regard, a teacher is chosen wisely. Parents opt for a premium school for their child. They would never compromise on the school front. Despite that, the child is not able to grasp the concepts taught easily. It is important that we analyze which part in the child’s education process is lagging? Maybe, the child is taught everything but the method with which they study doesn’t allow them to retain everything they read or listen. Let’s go through some of the tips that are tested and assured to give better retention and learning power to child at all the class levels:

1. Change the place of study

Parents often tell a child to sit and read at one place. It is not possible for a child. A little kid has an attention span ranging from 10-15 seconds. We cannot expect them not to be fidgety. Make them sit at different places and tell them that they are free to read anywhere they wish to. This will motivate them for a freebie learning environment.

2. Writing and speaking is important

It is important that the child is taught how to speak and write. Only reading is not enough. All our senses will be active only when reading, speaking and writing takes place together. Speaking or writing the text read will helps a child retain it for longer and shall improve pronunciation of words thereby enhancing the language frame.

3. Music and art break therapy

Music and art are healing. Children mostly have any of these as their favorite hobby doing. To study at length is possible if a child is forced to do. But, this shall never reap desired results. Tell the child to manage time and take intermittent breaks between two study times. This will enable them to return to their study place with a reinvigorated mind.

4. Eat Healthy

We have talked about the food which is healthy for kid’s mind and body. At a growing and learning age, the body consumes most of the essential nutrients which ultimately harnesses and strengthens the cognitive powers of a child. Only a child who eats well will be able to try different methods of studying and shall always strive to excel academically without going weak.

5. Peer teaching

Teaching a friend is one the common method. When a child tells you that they are going to study with a friend, do not stop the, Rather, tell them to master a concept so that when they sit with their friend, the y can assist them well in learning that particular concept. Tell them that they are the one who will be a problem solver for their friend. This will pump up a child and they will be flushed with confidence that they have mastered a particular subject of study.

6. Discuss with elders

Always be open for discussion. While traveling in a car, strike with them a conversation about their current chapters. Say, if you pass by a post office, ask a child how does a post office operate. Let them explain what they have learnt. You can correct them if they commit a mistake while narrating any such procedures.

7. Make a flow chart

Parents can make a flow chart showing learning and reading schedule for kids. Such a flow chart shall chronologically arrange a day’s routine of a child. If possible, consult a child counselor as they better understand what essential elements should be there in a child’s learning routine.

8. Break into modules/parts

If there is a lot to read and learn, the entire study should be divided into smaller modules. Guide the child to maintain the diary and maintain a check list. As and when the child keeps on taking up the topics, they should tick the covered chapter. This will enable children to manage time and track progress.

Follow these 8 top rated study tips. Parents and teachers can both refer to these and make learning a smooth ride for children.

Happy Learning!

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