EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT is an important task for both, parents at home and teachers at school. The young children, alongwith cognitive or mental exercise, also need to take care of physical activity for an active learning. Important here is note that kids and exercise have to be coordinated well to not make it coordinated. Tricky one, right? The implication here is that a child’s exercise routine should not be rigid unless and until child needs a due special care or suffers from a disability. A normal child should be left free to exercise. Kids do not need gymming and a trainer but they just need an open arena to play and a casual exercise instructor in the form of a parent, sibling or a teacher. The daily exercise regime here is important because the child will develop a daily exercise habit and shall continue for years to come. Exercise is always good for all ages. Children are free from the complexities of fixed exercises and diet. They can just jump, stretch, laugh, clap and the daily exercise for the day is a ticked task.


  • Arrange separate exercise areas/rooms for kids
  • Target both indoor and outdoor exercise
  • Maintain an optimum room temperature in the exercise room
  • Arrange for child friendly exercise equipments
  • Appoint a trained exercise or a yoga teacher
  • Draft a daily morning exercise schedule and implement it
  • Train teachers to give passive exercise training in the class while children feel tired(Passive exercise can be sitting on respective seats and stretching arms and rolling fists)
  • Organize sports day with varied events for kids and their parents.
  • Try to have daily exercise regime as a part of curriculum
  • Show the children various pictures and videos on staying healthy and fit


  • Set a routine for getting up early and walking in the garden.
  • Try to make children walk barefoot on grass(with assured safety measures)
  • Exercise/Do yoga with family members
  • Try to make it a session full of fun activities(Playing Frisbee in the garden, maybe)
  • Motivate the kids to cycle regularly
  • Coordinate with and be aware of exercise regime at school
  • Remember, never make the child over exert or over exercise


Kids and exercise are very closely linked and thus we enumerate here 10 benefits accruing out of your child’s physical activity daily:

  • Maintain body balance

Daily exercise generates and maintains body balance and helps achieve coordination like hand-eye movement.

  • Improves concentration power

Yoga and pranayam as a part of kids and exercise time improves the level of concentration and let kids be free from memory challenges.

  • Boosts immunity

An exercise regime boosts immunity and safeguards a child from various prevalent diseases. Child does not easily get caught by an infection.

  • Harnesses fitness

Exercising puts a child on a point wherein he/she harness fitness and know the true value of being healthy and fit.

  • Balance of mind

Exercise is not just a body tonic. It is proven that a good exerciser has a much better balanced brain and stays in calm and peace.

  • Sets routine

Daily exercising sets a body routine which is best suited to an individual. Child automatically learns to get up early and walk and run and know that this is important for fitness.

  • Habit for life

Developing a habit of exercising while the child is growing is of utmost important. This saves a child from breaking his/her routine once it becomes a rigid one.

  • Early recovery

A regular exerciser is strong and does not become weak on getting caught up in the cobweb of any serious illness.

  • Learn and teach

The child when knows all about yoga and exercises is smart enough to teach that to the peers and friends and spread a message that fitness is not just for those with advanced age number.

  • Purification of five senses

Sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste are the five senses of human body which are purified and regulated with a regular exercise regime.








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