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Most commonly kids are enrolled in preschool between the ages of three and five, though those as young as two can attend some schools. A play school is the first activity of pre-schooler where they learn several new things with great fun. It is not only a place where they can learn but Play school has a lot to offer, and that the playschools are not aiming at developing academic skills like reading and writing. They don’t set goals or any performance stress; they focus only on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child. Play school is the best place for a kid where they can build up their self-esteem.

Children taught in a Play school:-

1. Kids Learn by exploration

It is an active learning approach that helps children learn new things through curiosity and inquiry because by nature they are curious and having a tendency to ask questions.

2. Building communication skills

Kids learn, not only with their parents and other family members or teachers but also with other children or other classmates. All normal children who grow up in normal families, surrounded by conversation, will acquire the language that is being used around them.

3. Encouraging positive peer interaction

By sharing a sharpener or anything or providing any playful idea can get a friend’s attention.

4. Theme-based Concept Time

The theme-Based learning concept Approach is a way of teaching and learning, whereby many areas of the syllabus are connected and integrated within a theme.

5. Math Readiness.

Physical way or exercise as counting and understanding maths concepts.

6. Visual learning

We make children learn through visual content and images so that they can easily recognize things, and connect to their thoughts and understand things better. Bachpan has an exclusive well-organized playground where they can learn by their creative activities.

7. Opportunities for fine and gross motor development

Bachpan doesn’t set goals or any performance stress; we focus only on the sensory-motor development and the social development of the child. Play school is the best place for a kid where they can build up their self-esteem.

8. Promoting cognitive development

This kind of development refers to how a person perceives, thinks, and gains an understanding of his or her world.

We all know the importance of education in our life. It starts right from our childhood; early childhood education is one of the best ways to help your child to make them develop the social, emotional, and all important aspects of life. Their strong Roots, which would allow our children to stand firmly and to consistently hold their grounds in a world that is constantly trying to change them into something else. And Wings, which let them fly to a great height, freely, unbounded, and far away. Bachpan’s early childhood curriculum helps children develop sensitivity towards those with special needs. In preschool kids use to learn basic concepts, in joyful environments. Early schooling helps a child to learn the importance of his or her name, things, and friends. Bachpan Play school provides a distinctive curriculum, this kind of playful learning environment helps a child to enjoy his or her precious childhood days. Proper and good education is important for all of us; it gives quality learning all through life.

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