How to become a role model for your kids?

role model

A role model is a person that a child looks up to for inspiration. Who can be better than a parent for one such role? The answer is no one. Kids see their parents from the time they are born and everyone has the tendency to learn from the habits and actions of the elderly. Every Parent can be a role model for their kids and teach them the things which they want them to do by setting up examples. Parents are the right fit to be role models as kids spend the maximum amount of time with them and the connection among them is the strongest since the birth of the child. The process of learning starts with the observation skills of a child which are inherent since birth. Kids observe their parents’ activities and slowly the habits of the parents start reflecting on the behaviour of the kids. It becomes important for the parent to be the role model and take care of their activities when they are with their kids. When the responsibilities change, the activities need a change too. The preschool teachers are trained in a manner that the kids around them gain some positive traits and train healthy habits out of it.

Here are a few tips for parents to become role models for their kids

Listen to what their Heart feels

Kids are not that expressive when they are out of their infancy. Parents need to take care of what their hearts feel and what they are hiding. The interaction between parents and a kid plays a huge role in deciding the role model. Kids feel easy while communicating and they will only communicate their feelings when they are made comfortable by asking what is going through their head. Parents often talk to children but they don’t realize whether the child is being heard or not. When the child is regularly asked about the daily routine or what they are feeling, then it encourages them to be friendly with the parent and admire that quality. It gives an idea of what is going on in the life of the kid too and parents can behave accordingly. A Preschool is always concerned about the things going on with each kid and they treat them with care and affection to take out the fuss that is inside them.

Don’t hide your life

Kids need and deserve to know about their parents. Parents should never try to hide anything about their life from their kids and try to share their past experiences as lessons for their kids when needed. This not only builds trust in the relationship but helps the child in getting inspired by some positive things. It feels nice and kids find their parents as the person they want to be. Nursery schools are always encouraging kids to look up to their parents and actions like these might add to that encouragement.

Empower them with your Positivity kids are curious and the initial stages of their life are mostly the result of that curiosity. Positivity is one such attribute that they deserved to be blessed with during that time. Parents can reflect the positivity in their words, actions, and behaviour which the kid will want to grab while learning from them. The behaviour will motivate them to be like their parents when they are in a society and they will implement that positivity in tough times as well. Parents also need to make sure that the positivity is not imaginary or delusional, and the kid is made aware of real-life challenges at the same time.

Shower of Encouragement

Children are raw and swift and encouragement from their parents can be the biggest inspiration at that stage of life. It is overwhelming for kids to receive encouragement from someone they love the most and it pouches them to work with more effort. Parents can turn into role models by encouraging the kids as this behaviour will make the kids feel good and they will want to be the same to others.

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