Bachpan Play School: The Easiest Way of Teaching


Bachpan has its reach in more than 400 cities in India as well as has a master franchise branch in Kathmandu, Nepal. This reflects the power and goodwill of our brand and the demand for quality education supplied by Bachpan Play School in India. It has gained the trust of parents, educators, and school owners of foreign states. Bachpan Play School has visions to expand to other neighboring countries such as Bangladesh and Bhutan. Since 2004, more than half a million Bachpanites have graduated from Bachpan Play School in India and abroad.

The best thing about this play school chain is that the curriculum and standard of education are the same in all the branches, be it branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Kathmandu, or the beautiful branch of our play school in Arunachal Pradesh’s Itanagar city. We deploy only the best highly qualified and toddler-friendly teachers who see teaching as a passion, not just a bread-earning profession. All our branches are more than 2000 square feet in area and follow governmental norms and guidelines. The building of our play school in Itanagar has been childproofed and is safe for children with access to play areas.

The Bachpan Approach of Teaching

There are two motivational approaches that can be applied to educate children. They are negative motivation and positive motivation. Negative motivation is the one in which punishments and fear are used while positive motivation uses recognition and rewards. For instance, a teacher might ask the class to sing “Shame Shame” song for a naughty kid in order to make him behave in the classroom which is an example of negative motivation whereas a teacher can ask the class to clap for the naughty kid if he behaves well in the class which is an example of positive motivation.

At Bachpan Play School, the teachers are strictly instructed to use only positive motivation in their pedagogy as it helps students to gain confidence and become highly ambitious. They learn the fruitfulness of hard work. Some play schools in Arunachal Pradesh solely focus on teaching numbers, letters, and phonetics to the students but this is not the case with our nursery school in Arunachal Pradesh. We emphasize developing confidence, critical thinking, moral values, and communication skills in the kids. These are the elements that shape the mind and soul of the kids and ensure a successful life.

Arunachal Pradesh might be at one end of India but this does not stop Bachpan from extending its arms to welcome the kids there.


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