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bachpan play school

The official language that most Goans speak is Konkani. Since, English is a lingua franca, which means a shared language of communication used by people who are speakers of different languages, it is crucial for the kids to be taught in an English environment.

The Reach of Bachpan Play School

Goa is divided into two districts namely North Goa and South Goa with Panaji being the capital city. They are very soon going to expand to other cities of Goa. With a chain of more than 1200 preschools, Bachpan Play  School is considered the top preschools in India.

Bachpan Transforms You

The most important phase of development in human beings is early childhood whence the children learn by imitating their parents, guardians, and teachers. At Bachpan Play  School, the teachers are very calm and composed, and highly trained, especially in early childhood education. They set precedents of love, compassion, and generosity for their students to follow. Physical, social, emotional, linguistic, and cognitive development are all equally important for healthy early child development that can strongly impact mental and physical health, literacy and numeracy skills, and even life success. Bachpan nursery school in goa ensures the provision of all such facilities through the medium of games, outdoor activities, celebrations of festivals, and important days in order to encourage the active participation of the kids. This way they learn the values of leadership, team spirit, helpfulness, and how to sacrifice for others and give equal opportunities to all.

Enjoy Your Bachpan at Bachpan  Play  School

Bachpan  Play  School has been employing innovative technologies in its curriculum. Its outrageous example is a ‘Speak-o-Book with a Talking Pen’ that is a learning tool totally mapped in our curriculum. This technology is not available in any other play school in Goa. It is very easy to use, the pen speaks out the content of the book when the kid strikes the pages of the books with the pen. It improves pronunciation and memory and enhances listening skills and creative thinking. Parents can buy the ‘Speak-O-Pen and Speak-O-Book’ from amazon for their kids to experience this cutting-edge technology. Since these books are designed in accordance with the curriculum of Bachpan  Play  School, they are best utilized by the students of this advanced preschool. So, what are you waiting for? Get your sweethearts enrolled in the sweetest play school in Goa today and let them live their bachpan to the fullest at Bachpan Play  School.


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Bachpan Play School
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