Attend the Special Occasions When Your Children are Participating

Holidays bring people closer! And so do your special occasions. When you start attending your children’s events where they are participating you’ll notice a positive spark and confidence in them. This gives them strength to perform well.

During my growing up years fathers spending more time with their kids was unheard but my dad always made sure that he was there sitting in auditorium watching me perform. Gradually my mother also made it a point to be there at almost every event I participated in. My mother is a home-maker and was busy so it was a little difficult for her to come and watch me perform; she had to look after my grandparents too.

Childhood comes only once in everybody’s life so, friends make every moment of your child special because these moments will slip out like sand from your hands. If you have some important meeting at your office, explain to your child that you will be late but tell him/her that you’ll be there and will meet his/her friends. Do ensure that you are there or else the child will lose trust and confidence.

This assurance and love will bring your child closer to you. If you can spend some time playing with them at home or take them to the park, or for dinner etc. they add on to your bonding moments. A study shows that people who celebrate and enjoy special occasions and events that give them bonding time with their children are more likely to bring up their children with strong sense of identity.

And on ending note, it’s time to say goodbye for now. Catch up later with something on the scorching heat wave this summer.

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